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The advanced high-performance, thermoelectrically cooled PI-SCX range of cameras allow for indirect imaging of X-rays without the use of lenses using phosphor screens or other Lambertian sources. The ability to change phosphor in the lab using a unique fiberoptic that extends outside the vacuum design delivers flexibility and high-resolution to the system. When used with the software-programmable, high-capacity, or high-sensitivity amplifier, the system effectively delivers X-ray photon counting capabilities with up to 16-bit dynamic range. The GdOS:Tb phosphor screens are available for 8 and 17 keV at an emission wavelength of 550 nm. Contact your area sales specialist or the factory for CsI:Tl phosphor screens.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Front and Back-illuminated CCD support
  • 2084 x 2084 pixel CCD camera with 50.00 x 50.00 mm image
  • Four port readout option
  • X-ray photon counting capability
  • Proprietary Fiber Bonding Process
  • Fiber ratio up to 2.5:1
  • Custom fiber taper configurations
  • Removable phosphor screen and Be window
  • Files compatible with FIT2D software from ESRF
  • Easily synchronized with external UNIBLITZ PlIr blade X-ray shutter (up to 30Kev)