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IsoPlane Imaging Spectrographs

Award-winning imaging spectrographs with superior performance over Czerny-Turner traditional designs, available with 203 mm and 320 mm focal length designs.

LightField Scientific Imaging & Spectroscopy Software

Ground breaking software to control your Princeton Instruments systems. Now with Windows 10 support. It's like nothing you have ever experienced!

ProEM EMCCD Cameras

EMCCD cameras for ultra-low light, read noise-limited applications.

PyLoN Cameras for Imaging & Spectroscopy

PyLoN high-resolution front-illuminated, back-illuminated, & back-illuminated deep-depletion imaging & spectroscopy CCDs.

PIXIS CCD Cameras for Imaging & Spectroscopy

PIXIS CCD cameras play a key role in revolutionary research performed in leading labs around the world.

SpectraPro Spectrometers

High value, dependable industry standard series of spectrographs and monochromators for a variety of applications.

LS Series Lens Spectrographs

A powerful lens-based instrument ideal for spectroscopists working in the near-IR region.

TriVista Triple Spectrometers

TriVista spectrometers deliver performance and flexibility unmatched in the industry; a true research grade instrument.

IntelliCal Spectral Calibration System

Fully automated, spectral calibration system - for up to 10x more wavelength accuracy and instrument independent results

Light Sources

Princeton Instruments offeres a variety of light sources for use with their spectrometers.

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