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Fastest and highest resolution 1M pixel electron-multiplying CCD camera for high-resolution imaging and spectroscopy

May 23, 2017
The ProEM-HS:1KBX3-10µm delivers 30 fps at full 1024 x 1024 pixel resolution and <1 e- rms effective read noise, all at 36.67 MHz readout speed. Its ultrafast custom CCD readout mode is specially designed to deliver more than 4,800 fps with reduced ROI, whereas its special kinetics mode delivers more than 119,000 spectra/sec. The new camera’s 10μm pixel pitch is the optimal size to fully leverage the high resolution afforded by Princeton Instruments’ award-winning IsoPlane®-320 spectrograph. Other advanced features of the camera include solid baseline stability and linear EM gain control for precision photometry applications.
The ProEM-HS:1KBX3-10μm camera is cooled to below -70°C and its all-metal, hermetic vacuum seals carry a lifetime warranty, the only such guarantee in the industry. The camera also features the latest Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) interface, allowing remote operation without the need for custom frame grabbers. High quantum efficiency (QE) and ultra-low-noise electronics make the ProEM-HS:1KBX3-10µm camera ideal for demanding low-light-level applications.
“The superb spatial and spectral resolution of the new camera enables users to realize the best performance for imaging and spectroscopy applications such as single-molecule detection, astronomy, hyperspectral imaging, phosphor imaging, tomography, and micro-spectroscopy,” comments Manjul Shah, OEM manager at Princeton Instruments. “It should be noted that for spectroscopic applications, our state-of-the-art IsoPlane spectrographs are unique in that they can take full advantage of the new camera’s smaller pixels to deliver the best spectral resolution. The 10um pixel ProEM-HS:1KBX3-10µm camera in concert with IsoPlane-320 delivers 23% better spectral resolution in comparison to any EMCCD camera that features ≥ 13 um pixels.”
The new ProEM-HS:1KBX3-10µm is fully compatible with Princeton Instruments’ powerful and intuitive LightField® software, which provides complete control of camera features via a cutting-edge graphical user interface. For researchers requiring a custom interface, drivers for National Instruments’ LabVIEW® and MathWorks’ MATLAB® are included, as are free software development kits (SDKs).

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