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LightField .SPE Format Added to Eigenvector PLA_Toolbox and Solo Software

June 14, 2018

Princeton Instruments (PI) and Eigenvector Research, Inc. (Eigenvector) are pleased to announce the addition of PI’s proprietary spectral and imaging data format (.SPE) to Eigenvector’s upcoming versions of their PLS_Toolbox and Solo software.

Princeton Instruments provides high performance spectroscopic and imaging products such as FERGIE and IsoPlane spectrometers and BLAZE CCD detectors for qualitative and quantitative Raman, photoluminescence, absorption and hyperspectral imaging measurement. The .SPE data format used by PI’s LightField software is a flexible data format that stores spectral and imaging data.

By convention, .SPE files also include metadata of detailed experiment information of instrument settings as well as the history of the data processing applied to the data. The MATLAB based PLS_Toolbox and its stand-alone implementation Solo are among the most widely used software tools for multivariate calibration and pattern recognition. PLS_Toolbox/Solo 8.6.2 will be released in June 2018 and allows the user to open SPE data files directly from within the software GUI.

“Princeton Instruments provides .SPE file readers in several programming languages. The ability to open our .SPE data files within PLS_Toolbox/Solo brings great convenience to the user. Eigenvector provides powerful mathematic tools to help our customer extract valuable information from the spectral or imaging data. The addition of the .SPE file format is a very important first step. We envision tremendous value for our customers through this collaboration with Eigenvector now and in the future,” explains Dr. Peng Zou, product manager at Princeton Instruments.

For more information about LightField software and to download a free 45-day copy, visit www.princetoninstruments.com/Lightfield.


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