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Princeton Instruments Direct detection CCD + Software for McPherson SXR Spectrometers

November 8, 2017

McPherson and Princeton Instruments are pleased to announce introduction of a new Add-In for Princeton Instruments’ powerful 64-bit LightField software that seamlessly controls McPherson’s deep UV and soft X-ray spectrometers and Princeton Instruments soft x-ray cameras. This Add-In allows users to keep all the benefits of LightField including easy setup and access to exclusive features like the real-time math engine, SmartSearch, and the virtual optical bench for conveniently managing multiple experimental setups.

McPherson spectrometers provide scientists around the world with special tools for measuring light and are a natural fit for the LightField application space. McPherson’s soft x-ray, deep ultraviolet and long focal length systems find use in myriad research applications. “McPherson builds instruments doing diagnostics in thermonuclear fusion research, high harmonic generation (HHG) lasers, and plasma physics. They calibrate space flight hardware. They do analysis of new energy efficient consumer and EUVL lighting.” states Erik Schoeffel, sales coordinator for McPherson. “New and also existing McPherson deep UV and soft x-ray instruments can now more easily be used with the premier soft x-ray detectors from Princeton Instruments. It is a boon for scientists. With tools like these, they can spend more time focused on research.” The captured data can be easily exported in popular formats such as TIFF, FITS, ASCII, AVI, IGOR [WaveMetrics, Inc.], and Origin® [OriginLab Corporation].

Contact McPherson to learn how Princeton Instruments detectors integrate for your application and how LightField controls the hardware. McPherson vacuum compatible instruments are a great compliment to Princeton Instruments PIXIS-XO camera series, among others, and work from less than 1 nanometer with a selection of diffraction gratings. McPherson’s flat field, conical dispersion and other specialized solutions are available today, please inquire.

Learn more about Princeton Instruments PIXIS-XO direct detection soft x-ray cameras.


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