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Seminars - Princeton Instruments

Princeton Instruments Combustion Seminar 

Combustion Seminar

Date: Friday June 29, 2018

Location: Williams F1 Conference Centre, Oxfordshire, UK

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Speakers include:

Dr. Gaetano Magnotti
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Clean Combustion Research Center
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Professor Hua Zhao, FREng
Vice Dean (Research) - College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences
Brunel University London

Title: Application of Laser Diagnostics to IC Engine
Primary topics include:
  • Optical access to Internal combustion engines
  • High pressure gasoline/diesel fuel injection characterization
  • Intake port design by in-cylinder flow measurements
  • High speed in-cylinder mixture formation and combustion studies
  • In-cylinder knocking and low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) studies

Frédéric Grisch 
Professor in the Engineering and Propulsion Department
CORIA, CNRS UMR 6614, INSA de Rouen Normandie
Title: Advanced Laser Diagnostics in high-pressure spray combustion for future generation propulsion systems
In this presentation I will present a review of the work undertaken at CORIA laboratory in the industrial chair PERCEVAL focused on high-pressure spray combustion in aircraft engines. Topics covered will include quantitative kerosene fuel distribution measurements and flame structure with Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence (PLIF), temperature and concentration measurements with CPP fs CARS (Coherent anti-Stokes Raman Scattering), velocity measurements with high-speed PIV and pollutant concentration (NO, CO) with PLIF. Comparison with LES simulations will be also presented. The talk will conclude by discussing some of our ongoing work and thoughts for the future.

Dr Gavin Sutton, Senior Research Scientist
Temperature and Humidity
National Physical Laboratory
Teddington, Middlesex

Title: A Portable Combustion Temperature Standard for the Calibration of Optical Diagnostic Techniques
Accurate measurement of combustion temperatures can significantly improve efficiency and reduce harmful emissions. Non-perturbing optical diagnostic techniques are capable of measuring temperatures in such environments but are often technically complex and validation is challenging, with correspondingly large uncertainties (typically 5 % -10 % of temperature). We address this by developing a portable combustion temperature standard, calibrated via the Rayleigh scattering thermometry technique, traceable to ITS-90 [1],  with a relative uncertainty (1σ)  and long-term stability of 0.5 % and 0.2 % respectively. The presentation will describe the standard flame, its calibration and measurements made using an FTIR spectrometer and hyper-spectral imager during trials as part of the recently completed EMPRESS [2] research project.
[1] ITS-90 - the International Temperature Scale of 1990.
[2] EMPRESS - Enhancing Process Efficiency through Improved Temperature Measurement: http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/0020294016656892 

Dr Benjamin Williams
Combustion and Engines Group - Dept. of Engineering Science
University of Oxford, UK
Title: In‐cylinder Optical Diagnostics
Presentation abstract:
In this presentation I will present a review of the last decade of optical diagnostics work undertaken in Oxford
investigating internal combustion engines. Topics covered will include quantitative fuel distribution measurements with
Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence (PLIF), temperature measurements with LIGS (Laser Induced Grating Scattering) and a
novel combination of PLIF and LIGS. The talk will conclude by discussing some of our ongoing work and thoughts for the



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