Teledyne Princeton Instruments cameras are available with F-(Nikon) and C-mounts. First select the camera model, the lens focal length, the aperture and the distance to the object. The calculator will display the size of the selected CCD/CMOS chip in comparison to 35 mm film, the field of view at a given distance plus the maximum focus range, or hyper focal, for any aperture and focal length combination.
Note: Hyperfocal Distance is the deepest possible depth of field for the selected focal length/aperture combination.

Select camera

C Mount Vignetting
Select Lens Reset Vignetting
Focal length mm Sensor

Aperture F/Stop

Image area
Focus distance Diagonal
Field of view Total pixels
Near focus limit Pixel size µm
Far limit
Hyperfocal dist. Total
Subject Size Meter Focal Length  

Sutable Lens