Detector Center Wavelength(nm)
Hor.Pixel   Stage 3 Stage 2 Stage 1 Center wavenumber
Pixel Size µm Focal length/mm Order
CCD lenght/mm Grating l/mm Laser Laser wavelength
    Slitsize µm Excitation wavelength, nm


Dispersion Raman calculations (stage 3)
nm/mm Low wavelength, nm
  Coverage mm High wavelength, nm
(actual) nm Low Raman shift, cm-1
  cm-1 Center Raman shift, cm-1
  Bandpass/nm High Raman shift, cm-1
    Bandp. cm-1 Dispersion, nm/mm
Resolution, nm Dispersion, nm/pixel
  Resolution, cm-1   Next resolved wavelength
Next resolved wavenumber
This calculator is intended for guidance purposes only, to aid in the selection of a suitable TriVista model and components. Princeton Instruments recommend that before making any final selection, you should discuss your specific application requirements with your local representative or a member of our TriVista applications team.