Spectrometer and Camera Integration Expertise

The integration of both spectrometers and cameras into a new or existing product can be challenging.

With Teledyne Princeton Instruments you will have full access to our technical and commercial teams in order to engineer and manufacture your new product.

Designed for You

We design and manufacture a wide range of spectrometers and cameras that fit a broad range of applications and specificities.

All of our products are customizable, with the ability for reconfiguration or cut down to meet your price and performance requirements.

Your software can be easily integrated into our PICAM driver, offering the ability for specific tailoring to meet your needs.

Fully Vertically Integrated

Teledyne Princeton Instruments has the ability to design and build custom products, alongside providing full support for long term problems.

As part of the Teledyne family, Princeton Instruments is fully vertically integrated, with our own fabrication plant, deep cooling systems, and optics and coating facilities. This allows us to manage the creation process from sensor to completed product.

Guaranteed Supply

Certified to ISO 9001, we maintain consistency of supply by ensuring that you have a separate bill of materials (BOM) for your needs. This ensures that the materials for your product will always be available. There will also be no changes made to the product without your authorization.

Since we were founded in 1981, we have built a strong reputation for quality products. This was recognized by Teledyne Technologies who brought us into the Teledyne family of imaging companies in 2018, giving you the intimacy benefits of working with a small company combined with the financial security of a larger corporation.

Ease of Integration with Software

Our PICAM driver, also offered with PICAM SDK, can be used to integrate into any software.

With our own powerful LightField software we offer full control of all our products. LightField is built on PICAM, and able to acquire directly from LabVIEW®, MATLAB®, and Python script interfaces allowing for ease of integration within the software platform itself.

The PICAM driver has already been integrated into a variety of third party software.