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We Focus on What Matters to OEMS

Having a reliable partner, one who can leverage global resources yet also provides personalized service, is often a critical element of success. Princeton Instruments helps you achieve:

  • Product reliability
  • Faster market entry
  • Increased profitability

When it comes to state-of-the-art detectors,spectrographs, and optics, no one can match the depth and breadth of Princeton Instruments’ knowledge and experience. Our organization is 100% committed to delivering products that will fully satisfy even your most demanding technical specifications and aggressive timetables.


Our 50+ years of industry-leading expertise, creativity, and execution are at your disposal.

As a Princeton Instruments OEM customer, you will have unparalleled access to our technical and commercial teams in order to engineer, manufacture, and market your new product. We work closely with you from design tolaunch, and well beyond, throughout the entire product life cycle, on everything from cost control to field support.

Recent Innovations


Urivaled Resources

The breadth and depth of our experience supporting OEM needs is unmatched within the photonic detection industry. Princeton Instruments’ OEM partners can also benefit from the capabilities of our sister companies within the Roper Technologies family: Photometrics (digital imaging for the life sciences) and QImaging (easyto-use digital cameras for bio research).

We are committed to each integrated OEM partnership from its inception. Working in concert with your R&D and engineering teams, Princeton Instruments transitions from concept to design to product seamlessly in order to ensure technical synergy and on-time delivery for launch. Our resources are your resources.

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