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Portable System for Fusion Prototype Characterization

Researchers from Oak Ridge National Labs created a portable plasma measurements sytem using an IsoPlane SCT 320 and PI-MAX 4 to remotely investigate fusion prototypes. Plasma properties are extremely useful for determining whether a plasma has the right conditions for fusion……Find out more.

Theodore Biewer
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Characterizing Coupling of Nanostructures Using Microspectroscopy

Researchers from the University of Connecticut used an IsoPlane SCT 320 and PIXIS 1024 to investigate the interactions between quantum dots and metallic nanoparticles. These particles are fundamental for nanostructure applications such as light emission, energy production and optical sensing…Find out more.

Jing Zhao
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

Enhancing Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Properties Through Alignment

Researchers from the University of Wyoming used an IsoPlane 320 and a PyLoN to characterize carbon nanotubes in both the longitudinal and latitudinal axis. These axes are inherent to the physical properties of the carbon nanotubes…Find out more.

Bill Rice (William D. Rice)
Nano Letters

Tomographic Measurements of Plasmas Using a Huge Number of Spectral Channels

A team of researchers from France and Germany used a large format ProEM EMCCD alongside an IsoPlane spectrograph to understand, and therefore control, the behaviour of plasmas – a state of matter compromised of ions and free electrons…Find out more.

Yann Camenen
Scientific Reports