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Raman and second harmonic generation spectroscopy for researching ferroelectricity in 2D materials

Researchers from Vilnius University and Oak Ridge Nation Laboratory are studying thiophosphate materials for their ferroelectric properties and how these can be used in 2D van-der-Waals heterostructures. The researchers use Raman spectroscopy and second harmonic generation spectroscopy to characterize the thiophosphates…Find out more

Petro Maksymovych
Nature Communications

Spectroscopic Characterization of Quantum Emitters for Integrated Photonics

Researchers around Dirk Englund from MIT and Gabriele Gross at City University of New York are investigating new host materials for quantum emitters that can be used on the wafer scale. They are characterizing these materials via spectroscopic measurements and photoluminescence emissions, determining lifetime and photon statics of the emitters…Find out more

Dirk Englund, Gabriele Grosso

Nano-agents Enable Photon Induced Cancer Treatment in the NIR-II Wavelength Range

Researchers from China are combining monolayers of Tungsten diselenide with photonic crystal structures to influence the energy and direction of light emission. They are able to characterize the energy-momentum properties of these materials using an Isoplane-320 spectrograph and a PIXIS 400 camera. These investigations highlight interesting physics and the fundamentals of photonic and quantum devices……Find out more

Tian Jiang
Laser and Photonics Reviews

Portable System for Fusion Prototype Characterization

Researchers from Oak Ridge National Labs created a portable plasma measurements sytem using an IsoPlane SCT 320 and PI-MAX 4 to remotely investigate fusion prototypes. Plasma properties are extremely useful for determining whether a plasma has the right conditions for fusion……Find out more

Theodore Biewer
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Characterizing Coupling of Nanostructures Using Microspectroscopy

Researchers from the University of Connecticut used an IsoPlane SCT 320 and PIXIS 1024 to investigate the interactions between quantum dots and metallic nanoparticles. These particles are fundamental for nanostructure applications such as light emission, energy production and optical sensing…Find out more

Jing Zhao
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

Van-Der-Waals Heterostructures Enclosed within Hexagonal Boron-Nitride

Researchers from Japan used a temperature dependent microspectroscopy to analyze how enclosing 2D materials in hexagonal boron-nitride (hBN) changes their physical properties. Traditionally, enclosing van-der-Waals heterostructures is to preserve their unique properties, however hBN causes a change in photoluminescence emission showing a change in the encapsulated material…Find out more

Ryo Kitaura
njp 2D Materials and Applications

Enhancing Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Properties Through Alignment

Researchers from the University of Wyoming used an IsoPlane 320 and a PyLoN to characterize carbon nanotubes in both the longitudinal and latitudinal axis. These axes are inherent to the physical properties of the carbon nanotubes…Find out more

Bill Rice (William D. Rice)
Nano Letters

Tomographic Measurements of Plasmas Using a Huge Number of Spectral Channels

A team of researchers from France and Germany used a large format ProEM EMCCD alongside an IsoPlane spectrograph to understand, and therefore control, the behaviour of plasmas – a state of matter compromised of ions and free electrons…Find out more

Yann Camenen
Scientific Reports