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Ultrafast Nanosecond Imaging of Non-thermal Plasmas with Multiple emICCD Cameras

Researchers from Kumamoto University in Japan are studying streamer discharge, where voltage difference is applied across an insulating gas or air. The researchers characterized these using four PI-MAX4 emICCDs to image generated streamers on the nanosecond timescale. This allowed them to characterize their size as well as propagation distance and velocity……Find out more

T. Namihira
IEEE Pulsed Power & Plasma Science (PPPS)

Portable System for Fusion Prototype Characterization

Researchers from Oak Ridge National Labs created a portable plasma measurements sytem using an IsoPlane SCT 320 and PI-MAX 4 to remotely investigate fusion prototypes. Plasma properties are extremely useful for determining whether a plasma has the right conditions for fusion……Find out more

Theodore Biewer
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Imaging Nanosecond Diffusion Clouds of Charges in Perovskites for Solar Cells

Researchers from the Brown University used a PI-MAX4 emICCD to understand the intrinsic properties of perovskites for solar cell applications. This aids towards improving design, engineering and fabrication of perovskite-based devices…Find out more

Rashid Zia
ACS Photonics

Oxygen Biosensing Using FLIM and ICCDs

Researchers from Fudan University used a PI-MAX4 emICCD to monitor oxygen content within cells to measure cell metabolism. By using fluorescent (or phosphorescent) lifetime imaging, the group is able to give new insights into cellular function…Find out more

Xu-dong Wang
Analytical Chemistry

High-sensitivity imaging of time-domain near-infrared light transducer

Researchers from Fudan University used a PI-MAX4 emICCD to separate fluorescent probe emissions through the use of temporal shift between excitation and emission. This requires sensitive gating provided by the PI-MAX4…Find out more

Fuyou Li
Nature Photonics