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Support topics for Teledyne Princeton Instruments products

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Support email: pi.techsupport@teledyne.com

Toll free phone (USA): 800-899-1144 or 609.587.9797 

Teledyne Princeton Instruments Warranty Policy

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate (pdf)


IsoPlane Imaging Spectrographs

Award-winning imaging spectrographs with superior performance over Czerny-Turner traditional designs, available with 203 mm and 320 mm focal length designs.

FERGIE Spectrograph System

FERGIE is an integrated, aberration-free spectrograph with a built-in, low-noise, cooled detector.

LightField Scientific Imaging & Spectroscopy Software

Ground breaking software to control your Princeton Instruments systems. Now with Windows 10 support. It's like nothing you have ever experienced!

SpectraPro 2150 Spectrometers

High value, dependable industry standard series of spectrographs and monochromators for a variety of applications.

LS Series Lens Spectrographs

A high throughput, f/2 lens-based imaging spectrograph ideal for spectroscopists working in the near-IR region.

TriVista Triple Spectrometers

TriVista spectrometers deliver performance and flexibility unmatched in the industry; a true research grade instrument.

IntelliCal Spectral Calibration System

Fully automated, spectral calibration system - for up to 10x more wavelength accuracy and instrument independent results

Light Sources

Princeton Instruments offeres a variety of light sources for use with their spectrometers.

Princeton Instruments Product Support