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LightField - How do I use LightField to do absorbance measurements?

Q: How do I use LightField to do absorbance measurements?

A: On-line absorbance measurements are easy to perform within LightField using the following steps.

  1. Select “Regions of Interest” and then set up two Custom Regions of Interest that are equal in size.
  2. Under "Online Processes", check Apply Formula and then select Edit Formula

    online process
  3. Under “Pre-Defined Formulas”, select Absorbance.
    predefined formulas

  4. LightField will automatically select ROI 1 as the reference channel and ROI 2 as the transmitted channel. You can reverse these channels if necessary.
  5. The output will be Log10(reference/transmitted)

  6. Run or Acquire data

  7. For these measurements we suggest that you acquire a new background reference (Online Corrections) and also use a shutter during acquisition.


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