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Optional Display of Wavelength Calibration from Images

Step 1:
Set the spectrograph to a desired center wavelength and perform wavelength calibration using IntelliCal.
Step 2:
Collect an IMAGE of the light source or same emission. In the example below, the image contains four vertical lines which are slit images of the IntelliCal Hg lamp emission. The spectrograph was set to a center wavelength of 546.074nm.
Step 3:
Right-Click on the graph and select “Display Type” ---- “Graph”
The resulting graph will display a single row cross-section of the data with wavelength calibration:
Note that the default row for this cross section will be the vertical center of the sensor. In the example above, the default
row was 199 however you can set this to any row using the following pull down menu.


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