Seeing More with NIR-II In vivo ImagingThe Advantages of Imaging Beyond Silicon

Partial image of a mouse brain courtesy of Artemis Intelligent Imaging


How SWCNTs and small molecules can be used for real-time biosensing

About the advantages of lanthanide NIR-II probes

How x-rays can be used to activate nanomaterials for NIR-II imaging


The advantages of NIR-II imaging for in vivo

The camera technology essential for NIR-II imaging

The limitations of this technology and how to overcome them


Prof. Fan Zhang
Fudan University
Benjamin Lambert
Ardemis Boghossian Group
Mike Melle
Product Manager
Princeton Instruments

Current Research

To find out more about the work of both Prof. Fan Zhang’s group and Prof. Ardemis Boghossian’s group please find links to their most recent NIR-II papers below:

A hybrid erbium(III)–bacteriochlorin near-infrared probe for multiplexed biomedical imaging

Spinning-disc confocal microscopy in the second near-infrared window (NIR-II)

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