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Bruce Flint

Bruce Flint

Founder of Acton Research Corporation

1938 – 2023

Bruce founded and ran Acton Research Corporation, now Teledyne Acton Optics that specialized in optical and UV coatings. Bruce was hand-picked by Paul McPherson to work in a new optics development group within McPherson Instruments. When Mr. McPherson passed away, Bruce took over the business which later became known as Acton Research Corporation. Acton Research developed and produced optical coatings and instrumentation, and for over thirty years, Bruce worked there as a hands-on owner. Growing the small business was his passion, and he was proud to employ over fifty people in the Acton, MA facility. Among other major achievements, the company designed and manufactured coatings for the Widefield Planetary Camera (WFPC-2) that provided correction to the NASA Hubble Space Telescope during its first servicing mission in 1993. He was instrumental in the development of spectrometers and several of the Acton team continue to deploy spectrometers for foundational research today.

We offer our condolences to the Flint family.