SOPHIA® FamilyUltra-Low-Noise CCD Cameras

Ultra-Low-Noise CCD and X-Ray Cameras


  • 95% peak QE
  • 2 e- readout
  • Fast, multiport readout
  • ArcTec™ deep cooling

SOPHIA® has ultra-low-noise electronics, with high sensitivity, speed and flexibility with multi-port readout capabilities up to 16 MHz and high frame rates.


  • ~5 eV – 30 keV range
  • 2k x 2k and 4k x 4k formats
  • 10, 20 and 40 port readout
  • -90℃ cooling

SOPHIA® XO offers high-sensitivity and high-speed for the widest range of VUV and x-ray detection, with thermoelectric cooling up to -90℃ and high frame rates.

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