Dynamic Neutron RadiographyEducational Notes

Dynamic Neutron Radiography (dNR)

dNR is utilized for time-dependent, non-destructive investigations, allowing researchers to acquire real-time data and observe the inner workings of a system where components cannot be seen using other radiation modalities, such as x-rays.

When neutrons interact with matter, they provide an image of transmitted radiation called a neutron radiograph. In comparison to x-rays, neutron interactions are not dependent on the atomic number of the sample. In this way, neutron radiation is able to visualize objects in a complimentary way to x-ray radiation.

Application Notes

Dynamic Neutron Radiography

Every engineer and scientist dreams of being able to investigate objects from within, without destroying them, in order to study cracks, hidden flaws, or structural material changes. Over the years, a variety of technologies have been utilized to help make this dream a reality via the ongoing development of new techniques that…Read Full Article

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