IsoPlane®Multi-Award Winning Imaging Spectrometers

The IsoPlane® is the best imaging spectrometer in its class. With fast optics and specialized mirror coatings it ensures maximum throughput and signal-to-noise performance. With a unique optical design it completely eliminates astigmatism across the focal plane for superior multichannel capabilities.

  • Patented astigmatism free Schmidt-Czerny-Turner design
  • High spectral resolution
  • Superior signal-to-noise ratio
  • Compatible with Intellical wavelength and intensity calibration

Key Features

Patented, Aberration-Free Design

The IsoPlane-320 delivers zero aberration at all wavelengths across the entire focal plane giving high spatial resolution.

Incomparable performance with an ability to resolve >100 optical fiber channels with minimal crosstalk reducing image and spectra distortion with CCD cameras up to a height of 22 mm.

High Fluence

With more photons per pixel the IsoPlane increases spectral resolution and contrast. Traditional Czerny-Turner spectrographs can only measure broad, misshapen and short emission lines.

However, the IsoPlane measures emission lines with half the width and twice the height, providing spectra with better resolution, maximising sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio.

Total Control of Triple-Grating Turret

Access up to 9 gratings using the triple grating turrets. The IsoPlane delivers complete experimental flexibility with software-selectable wavelengths allowing access to any region from the UV to mid-IR range.

Using a single mouse click, diffraction efficiency and resolution can be optimized for any experiment, showcasing the ease and precision of the IsoPlane.

High-Efficiency Optical Coatings

Through the use of Acton #1900 enhanced-aluminium mirrors, the highest reflectivity can be achieved from 193 nm to mid-IR range.

Optional silver coatings provide an average of 98% reflectivity with optional gold coatings available for NIR imaging.


Powered by LightField software

Powerful and intuitive software with built-in math engine allows for the complete control of cameras and spectrographs, with real-time image analysis and spectral data.

LightField software provides seamless integration of hardware controls and direct data acquisition into programmes such as National Instruments’ LabVIEW® and MathWorks’ MATLAB®. This software also fully supports IntelliCal automated wavelength and intensity calibration.

Family Specifications

Scan range 0 – 1400 nm
Focal plane size 27 mm x 14 mm (standard)
Astigmatism <100 μm at all wavelengths
Supported interfaces USB and RS-232
Wavelength accuracy ± 0.2 nm
Number of turrets allowed 3 turrets with 3 gratings each
Grating change repeatability 0.02 nm

Spectrometer Models

Focal Length
Aperture Ratio
Spectral Resolution

IsoPlane 160

Focal Length

203 mm

Aperture Ratio


Spectral Resolution

0.13 nm

Focal Length
Aperture Ratio
Spectral Resolution

IsoPlane 320

Focal Length

320 mm

Aperture Ratio


Spectral Resolution

0.05 nm


Software and Accessories

Software and AccessoriesDescription
LightField Control your spectrometer with state of the art software
IntelliCalCalibrate both wavelength and intensity
Fiber BundlesVarious fiber bundles for all experimental needs
Filter WheelsRange of filter wheels to isolate desired wavelengths
Single Channel DetectorEfficient operation from UV to IR
Light SourcesVarious light sources for UV-VIS-IR operation
Grating and TurretMulti-grating turrets for efficient light throughput over a broad spectral region
GratingsMultiple diffraction grating options to separate polychromatic light

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