Micro-spectroscopy is a technique which measures the spectrum of microscopic samples or microscopic regions of interest. Microscopic samples can be irradiated with UV, visible or IR light to obtain a spectrum. Micro-spectrometers are able to non-destructively measure the absorbance, reflectance, transmission, fluorescence and polarization of a sample.

Some common uses for micro-spectroscopy are film thickness measurements of semi-conductor integrated circuits, the spectrum of stained histological samples, matching of paint/color for art analysis, and matching materials for forensic science.

Spectrometers for Micro-Spectroscopy


The IsoPlane offers excellent signal-to-noise ratio, with high spectral resolution and imaging performance to ensure almost perfect capture of information from small microscopic samples.

With a unique optical design, the IsoPlane completely eliminates astigmatism across the focal plane. This offers multichannel capabilities to obtain broad range spectral information, ideal for complex microscopic samples or regions of interest.

With twice the light-gathering power in comparison to a traditional Czerny-Turner spectrograph, sharper images and improved resolution, the IsoPlane provides maximum chemical information from small regions of interest without compromise.

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IsoPlane 81 photo

IsoPlane 81

The IsoPlane 81 is a compact imaging spectrograph, covering many spectral ranges. This allows for sample irradiation across the UV-VIS-IR region for a wide range of information.

With high sensitivity and low noise, the IsoPlane 81 captures all information from microscopic samples without compromise. Simple design and set-up allows for quick assembly of each experiment, with multiple accessories allowing for ultimate flexibility encompassing a vast number of applications.

The IsoPlane 81 is only limited by the light diffraction limit providing multi-channel spectroscopy capability, allowing absorption, fluorescence and chemical characterization information to be obtained from each sample.

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