PICAM Driver


PICAM is the driver for controlling all Princeton Instruments cameras and is the platform on which LightField software is built. Teledyne Princeton Instruments also offers the PICAM API, which can be used to directly automate any Princeton Instruments camera using the C run-time. This eliminates any overhead that can occur when communicating through other development environments. It is available for all 64-bit Windows and Linux systems.

  • Driver for controlling all Princeton Instruments’ cameras
  • Eliminates any overhead from other development environments
  • Flexible configuration

Key Features

How Does PICAM Work?

PICAM automatically collects information on connected Princeton Instruments hardware using the unique built-in hardware ID.

Once identified, the hardware can be configured by adjusting any parameter via PICAM. The only limitations lie with the constraints of the hardware itself.

Ultimate Flexibility

PICAM gives developers, scientists and integrators the option to build their own control and user interface directly on top of the driver.

This gives users the ultimate configuration flexibility to implement specialised processes not available via LightField software, providing optimal performance for their experimental set-up.

Fast Frame Data Access

Fast access to frame data is achievable through PICAM via event callbacks. PICAM allows an event listener to be registered that runs asynchronously and alerts the system whenever a new frame of data is updated. A callback function can then be implemented that tells the system how to receive and handle this type of data each time it is received.


Educational Material

PICAM Integration