IntelliCal® Spectral Calibration System Technologies

IntelliCal System

Fully automated, spectral calibration system, with up to 10x greater wavelength accuracy and instrument independent results

Key Features

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Wavelength Calibration

IntelliCal® is an easy-to-use wavelength and intensity calibration system, with dual Hg/Ne atomic emission and LED-based, NIST traceable intensity calibration light sources. The system is able to produce 10x greater wavelength accuracy than conventional calibration methods using the entire spectra for calibration. It also removes unwanted system responses from the spectral data, and calibrates quickly using LightField software.

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Intensity Calibration

IntelliCal® uses intensity calibration as it removes the instrument responses and leaves only the sample response. It is calibrated against a known intensity NIST lamp, ensuring reliability fast. It is also able to eliminate etaloning while also correcting the intensity profile.