PIXIS FamilyHigh-Performance, Low-Noise Cameras

High-Performance, Low-Noise CCD and X-Ray Cameras

PIXIS photo


  • ~120-1100 nm sensitivity
  • -90℃ deep cooling
  • Support for CCDs of varying sizes
  • Flexible readout design

PIXIS cameras are fully integrated, low-noise cameras with deep cooling for quantitative scientific imaging and spectroscopy from UV-NIR.

PIXIS-XB photo


  • ~3 – 20 keV x-ray sensitivity
  • Beryllium (Be) window in vacuum chamber
  • Flexible dual-amplifier readout design

PIXIS-XB thermoelectrically cooled, direct-detection cameras are ideal for the energy range ~3 – 20 keV.

PIXIS XF photo


  • <3 to >20 keV x-ray sensitivity
  • Front- or back-illuminated CCD options
  • Flexible dual-amplifier readout design

PIXIS-XF low-noise cameras utilize front- and back-illuminated CCDs for phosphor screens and other Lambertian sources, for direct detection of x-rays.

PIXIS XO photo


  • ~30 eV to ~20 keV x-ray sensitivity
  • CCDs of varying sizes without antireflective coating
  • Rotatable ConFlat flange design

PIXIS-XO highly sensitive, thermoelectrically cooled cameras utilize various back-illuminated CCDs without antireflective coating for direct detection of x-rays.

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