Combustion is a field of investigation that is vitally important to many daily activities, such as transportation, energy production, and heating among many others. Between fuel consumption and pollutant emissions, combustion affects people and the environment.

Combustion is complex, with both physical and chemical changes occurring throughout the process. Information obtained characterizes any changes in the state of the object combusting.

Many researchers rely on laser-based diagnostic techniques as essential tools in understanding and improving the combustion process. Quantitative data obtained can often facilitate the study of processes such as internal combustion engines and hypervelocity combustion. Advanced spectroscopy techniques are also utilized to further environmental and human health research.

Cameras for Combustion

PI-MAX 4 photo


The PI-MAX4 delivers precision timing, sensitivity, intelligence and speed through the combination of EMCCD and ICCD sensor technology. The PI-MAX4 achieves 95% quantum efficiency at 532 nm, a key wavelength for combustion time-resolved spontaneous Raman scattering spectroscopy.

As many combustion experiments rely on laser-based diagnostic techniques, a fast, reliable gating mechanism is required to remove any laser information. The PI-MAX4 offers precision gating to <500 picoseconds, ideal for removing any unwanted laser information.

The coupling of the EMCCD to an image intensifier allows for a 6x higher light throughput between the image intensifier and the detector in comparison to lens-coupled configurations.

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Combustion is a dynamic process, with events happening at a rapid rate. The ProEM offers greater-than-video frame rates to ensure no information is lost. It also features an ultra-stable bias that prevents any drift in the baseline for long sequences.

With eXcelon™3 back-illuminated EMCCD sensors, the ProEM offers higher NIR and UV quantum efficiency with reduced etaloning (fringing), providing more accurate imaging of an object combusting..

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ProEM photo

Spectrometers for Combustion


IsoPlane Family

The IsoPlane family of spectrometers offers excellent signal-to-noise ratio, with high spectral resolution and imaging performance to ensure capture of all information throughout the combustion process.

With a unique optical design, the IsoPlane family completely eliminates astigmatism across the focal plane. This offers multichannel capabilities to obtain broad range spectral information.

With twice the light-gathering power, sharper images and improved resolution, the IsoPlane family provides maximum chemical information from a combusting object.

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