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FERGIE's First Visit to Beijing, China

October 14, 2016

Princeton Instruments held a seminar on Oct 14th 2016 In the Zhongguanchun district, to most top tier universities and research institutes in Beijing, to introduce the new FERGIE spectrometer as well as recent innovations from the company.

This seminar attracted over a hundred attendees from some world-class laboratories in Tsinghua University, Peking University, and institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences etc. In the seminar, Ravi Guntupalli, the vice president of PI, reviewed the companiey's innovative techniques which are widely applied in ultra-low light detections, followed by Dr. Jason McClure’s presentation of the latest aberration-free spectrometer.

Dr. Jason McClure, the chief scientist of Princeton Instrument and the designer of FERGIE, later in the seminar demonstrated how to setup a Raman measurement within 2 minutes using the FERGIE and its CUBEs.

“FERGIE is the only aberration-free plane grating spectrometer in the world, moreover, it is also a delicately designed eco-system which can lever your genius in research,” said by Dr. Jason McClure.

“Chinese researchers are publishing more and more high quality papers. We believe our advanced imaging and spectroscopy products can facilitate even more scientific break-throughs in China” from Ravi Guntupalli.


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