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Princeton Instruments Expands Worldwide Network of FERGIE Spectroscopy System Dealers

November 16, 2018

Princeton Instruments is pleased to announce that it has expanded its FERGIE® distribution and support network in Europe and Asia. These new dealers will further strengthen the company’s existing FERGIE sales network by improving its ability to serve the rapidly growing number of scientists who are interested in this revolutionary Princeton Instruments spectroscopy solution.

As the only aberration-free spectroscopy system on the market today, FERGIE has received numerous accolades from academic and industrial users alike for its outstanding results. The compact, fully integrated FERGIE features a built-in, low-noise, cooled detector and performs high-precision Raman, fluorescence, absorption, and transmittance/reflectance measurements with ease, allowing researchers, engineers, and educators to put together complete experiments in minutes. Its innovative, modular ecosystem includes everything from lasers, fiberoptics, and calibration sources to ingeniously designed light-coupling FERGIE CUBES.

Princeton Instruments’ new FERGIE dealers are as follows: in France, Opton Laser International; in India, Labindia Instruments Pvt Ltd; in Indonesia, PT Virtus Analitika Mitratama; in Japan, Optical Measurement Co Ltd; in Malaysia, ALV Technologies Sdn Bhd; in the Philippines/Singapore, ALV Technologies Pte Ltd; in Myanmar, Mascots Analytical Co Ltd; in Thailand, ryts Instruments Co Ltd; and in the United Kingdom, Quantum Design UK and Ireland Ltd. A comprehensive list of FERGIE dealers is available online.

“As we continue to expand FERGIE’s measurement capabilities with exciting innovations like our recently introduced set of 532 nm Raman accessories, it’s important that our support capacity for this novel system keeps pace,” observes Peng Zou, FERGIE product manager at Princeton Instruments. “FERGIE makes high-performance spectroscopy easier than ever… and Princeton Instruments wants to make learning about and purchasing a FERGIE system easier than ever, too.”

For more information about FERGIE and to contact your local FERGIE dealer, please visit www.fergiespec.com.


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