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News & Announcements

Successful Dealer Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic

October 14, 2019

October 14-16, 2019

Teledyne Princeton Instruments hosted a very successful European Dealer Training session in Prague, Czech Republic the week of October 13th.

We were delighted to welcome Teledyne Princeton Instruments dealers from countries including Spain, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Hungary and others, as well as our European subsidiaries from Germany, France, the United Kingdom and employees from the USA.

Attendees gained knowledge from our product managers about the latest cameras and spectrometers as well as new application information shared by our dealers. Applications were a very important part of discussions as well as more informally during breaks and meals.

Hands-on equipment workshops focused on the latest setups of our cameras and spectroscopy systems.

It was a pleasure to have this diverse group of people gather to learn from each other and share stories of their experiences with the group.


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