Suppressing Photobleaching and Blinking in Quantum DotsResearch Stories

Suotang Jia

Optics Express

Suppressing the photobleaching and photoluminescence intermittency of single near-infrared CdSeTe/ZnS quantum dots with p-phenylenediamine


Researchers around Suotang Jia in China investigate the behavior of single quantum dots in solvents designed to suppress photobleaching and blinking.

Quantum dots are now widely used in applications such as light sources, improving the efficiency of photovoltaic cells or fluorescent markers in biomedical applications. Blinking and photobleaching are significant challenges to overcome to use the full potential of quantum dots in these applications. The researchers use microscopic widefield imaging and confocal microscopy to observe the emission of single quantum dots. Sensitive EMCCD cameras are well suited to measure fast sequences of images of these single molecule emitters.

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