BLAZEResearch Stories

Raman Characterization of Synthesized 2D Material Heterostructures

Large scale production of 2D materials relies on material synthesis to achieve high throughput in production. Researchers from Alagappa University use liquid phase synthesis to fabricate heterostructures and characterize them via Raman spectroscopy…Find out more

Venkataraman Dharuman

Photothermal Conversion Process with Nanoparticles in Water

Researchers from China are studying the conversion of solar energy using Tellurium nanoparticles. By using Raman spectroscopy, UV-VIS absorption and dark field scattering spectroscopy to characterize these particles…Find out more

Guowei Yang
Science Advances

Raman Spectroscopy for Label Free Biological Imaging

A team at the University of Minnesota are using nanotechnology and optical methods to advance biosensing and bioscience analysis. By using high-resolution micro Raman spectroscopy they are able to acquire quickly without labeling biological nanoparticles…Find out more

Prashant Jain
Nano Letters

Surface Enhance Raman Spectroscopy For Nanoparticle Catalysts

Researchers from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign are using surface enhance microRaman spectroscopy (SERS) to examine the mechanisms behind silver nanoparticle catalysts for ethylene..Find out more

Prashant Jain
Nature Communications