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Effects of Salt-Induced Charge Screening on AOT Adsorption to the Planar and Nanoemulsion Oil–Water Interfaces

Salts, Interfaces, Nanoemulsion, Adsorption, Surfactants, Vibrational Sum-Frequency Scattering Spectroscopy
Andrew P. Carpenter, Geraldine L. Richmond, et al.
University of Oregon

Time-gated luminescence imaging for background free in vivo tracking of single circulating tumor cells

Fluorescence Imaging, Time-Gated Luminescence, TGL, Suppress Autofluorescence, In Vivo, Real-Time Imaging, Tracking of Single Cells, Circulating Tumor Cells
Xu Cao et al.
Dartmouth College, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Norris Cotton Cancer Center
Optics Letters

High-sensitivity imaging of time-domain near-infrared light transducer

Near-Infrared (NIR) Imaging, Anti-Stokes Shift, Gated Technology, In-Vivo Imaging, Life Sciences
Yuyang Gu et al.
Fudan University, University of Technology Sydney
Nature Photonics

Quantitative optical assessment of photonic and electronic properties in halide perovskite

Solar Cells/Photovoltaics, Perovskites, Time Resolved Fluorescence Imaging, emICCD Picosecond Gating
Adrien Bercegol et al.
Institut Photovoltaïque d’Ile-de-France
Nature Communications

Plasma studies of a linear magnetron operating in the range from DC to HiPIMS

Thin Films, Plasma Physics and Monitoring, Ultrafast Imaging, HiPIMS – High-Power Impulse Magentron Sputtering
A. Anders and Y. Yang
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Journal of Applied Physics

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Explosives and warfare agents remote Raman detection on realistic background samples

Ultravolet Raman Spectroscopy, Non-Uniform Explosives, Remote Detection, Warfare Agent Simulants
Luca M. L. Cantu and Emanuela C. A. Gallo
Institute of Technical Physics, Germany
The European Physical Journal Plus

Time-resolved measurement of radical populations in extreme-ultraviolet-light-induced hydrogen plasma

Time-Resolved Optical Emission Spectroscopy, Hydrogen Plasma, Intense Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV)
Chang Liu, Minoru Kubo, et al.
Osaka University Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University, Samsung Electronics
Applied Physics Express

Study on the effects of narrow-throat pre-chamber geometry on the pre-chamber jet velocity using dual formaldehyde PLIF imaging

Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Narrow-Throat Pre-Chamber, Pre-Chamber Combustion, Pre-Chamber Jet Velocity, Dual Formaldehyde Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence, OH* Chemiluminescence
Qinglong Tang, Gaetano Magnotti, et al.
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Transport Technologies R&D
Combustion and Flame

Imaging of transient phenomena with low coherence lasers comprising arrays of independent microbeams: A laser version of Harold Edgerton’s stroboscope

Optical Imaging, Optical Cavity, Microoptics, Lens Array, Lasers, Laser Arrays, Coherence, Stroboscopy
Austin W. Steinforth, J. Gary Eden, et al.
University of Illinois
APL Photonics

Single-camera stereoscopic 3D multiplexed structured image capture for quantitative fuel-to-air ratio mapping

Chemiluminescence Emission, Three-Dimensional Measurements, Multiplexed Structural Image Capture, Fuel-to-Air Ratio, Flame
Walker McCord, Zhili Zhang, et al.
University of Tennessee
Optics and Lasers in Engineering

Shock front detachment during pulsed laser ablation of graphite

Pulsed Laser Ablation, Pyrolytic Graphite, Shock Wave, Plume Emissive Contact Front, Optical emission Imaging
Timothy I Claver, Glen P Perram, et al.
Air Force Institute of Technology
Applied Physics A

Formation of dense nanostructures on femtosecond laser-processed silicon carbide surfaces

Femtosecond Laser, Nanostructurfes, aser Ablation, Plasma Plume, SiC, ICCD
Jiangyou Long, Xiaozhu Xie, et al.
Guangdong University of Technology
Surfaces and Interfaces

The interplay between laser focusing conditions, expansion dynamics, ablation mechanisms, and emission intensity in ultrafast laser-produced plasmas

Plasma Production, Profilometry, Alloys, Optical Emission Spectroscopy, Plasma Expansion, Geochemistry, Forensic Science, Geometrical Optics, Scanning Electron Microscopy
Elizabeth J. Kautz, Sivanandan S. Harilal, et al.
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Journal of Applied Physics

Discharge and plasma plume characterization of a 100 A-class LaB6 hollow cathode

Electron Energy Distribution Functions, Cathodes, Hall Effect Thruster, Thomson Scattering, Plasma Sources, Current-Voltage Characteristic, Plasma Diagnostics
S. Mazouffre, S. Tsikata, et al.
ICARE Laboratory
Journal of Applied Physics

Time-resolved Raman and luminescence spectroscopy of synthetic REE-doped hydroxylapatites and natural apatites

Time-Resolved Raman Spectgroscopy, Luminescence Spectroscopy, Apatite
Amaury Fau, Drouet C., et al.
Sorbonne Université, ILM, Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse
Mineralogical Society of America

Fluorescent Liquid Tetrazines

Nanosecond Time-Resolved Spectroscopy, Fluorescence, Rheology, Viscosity, Excited states, Inter system Crossing
Maximilian Paradiz Dominguez, Albert M. Brouwer, et al.
University of Amsterdam, Université Paris Saclay, Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography

In-cylinder thermographic PIV combined with phosphor thermometry using ZnO:Zn

Luminescence Measurements, Thermographic Phosphors, Thermographic PIV, In Situ Thermometry, Internal Combustion Engine, ZnO:Zn
Andreas Kopf, Christof Schulz, et al.
Institut Carnot IFPEN Transports Energie, University of Duisburg-Essen
International Journal of Engine Research

Preparation of undecanoic acid-terminated Si particles from rice husks

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, Room Temperature Photoluminescence Spectroscopy, Silicon Nanoparticles, Transmission Electron Microscopy
Kimihisa Matsumoto, Hidehiro Yasuda, et al.
Toyama Prefectural University, Osaka University
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics

Biocidal Activity of Low Temperature Plasma to Xylella Fastidiosa

Emission Spectroscopy, Xylella Fastidiosa, Plasma, High Decontamination, xFDD Cells, Philaenus Spumarius
Paolo F. Ambrico, Pasquale Saldarelli, et al.
National Research Council of Italy
Research Square

Femtosecond Laser-Induced Quantum-Beat Superfluorescence of Atomic Oxygen in Flame

Resonant Multiphoton Pumping, Deep-UV Laser Pulses, Lasing Generation, Atomic Oxygen, Femtosecond Two-Photon Excitation, Methane-Air Flame
Pengji Ding, Joakim Bood, et al.
Lanzhou University, Lund University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
Physical Review A

Detection enhancement at parts per billion level of aluminum in water droplets by a combination of acoustic levitation and nanoparticle enhanced laser induced breakdown spectroscopy

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), NELIBS, Acoustic Levitation, Liquid, Nanoparticle, Low Concentration Detection
M. A. Meneses-Nava, J. L. Maldonado, et al.
Universidad de Guanajuato, Centro de Investigaciones en Óptica A.C
Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy

Turning single bubble sonoluminescence from blue in pure water to green by adding trace amount of carbon nanodots

Carbon Nanodots, Sonoluminescence, Free Radical, Blackbody Radiation, Characteristic Emission
Dan Song, Zhibiao Wang, et al.
Chongqing Medical University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China, Yunnan University, Micro Optical Instruments Inc.
Ultrasonics Sonochemistry

High-resolution observation of cathode spots in a magnetically steered vacuum arc plasma source

Cathode Spots, Magnetically Steered Vacuum Arc Plasma, Fast Fourier Transformatino, Streak Images
Kyunghwan Oh, André Anders, et al.
Leibniz-Institute of Surface Engineering (ION), Leipzig University
Plasma Sources Science and Technology

Comprehensive characterization of sooting butane jet flames, Part 1: Soot, soot-precursor, and reaction zone

OH-Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence (OH-PLIF), Jet Flames, Turbulent Sooting Flames, Soot, Butane, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
I. A. Mulla, A. Cessou, et al.
Indian Institute of Science, Normandie University, University Lille
Combustion and Flame

Statistical analysis of non-Maxwellian electron distribution functions measured with angularly resolved Thomson scattering

Angularly Resolved Thomson-Scattering Instrument, Plasma Waves, Mazwell-Boltzmann Distribution, Gas Jet, Statistical Analysis, Probability Theory, Thomson Scattering, Laser Plasma Interactions, Plasma Properties and Parameters
A. L. Milder, D. H. Froula, et al.
Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, University of Alberta
AIP Physics of Plasmas

Characterization of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy on tungsten at variable ablation angles using coaxial system in vacuum

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), Remote Diagnostic Technique, Plasma-Facing Materials (PFMs), Magnetic Confinement Nuclear Fusion Device, Experimental Advanced Superconducing Tokamak (EAST), Laser Ablation Angles, Plasma Spectra
Huace Wu, Hongbun Dung, et al.
Dalian University of Technology
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry

Quasi-equilibrium phase coexistence in single component supercritical fluids

Laser Scattering, Simple Fluids, Out-Of-Quilibrium Situations, Compression-Expansion Cycles, High-Pressure, Critical Pressure, Spontaneous Density Fluctuations
Seungtaek Lee, Gunsu Yun, et al.
Pohang University of Science and Technology
Nature Communications

Physical characterization of a simulated impact-vapor plume using laser ablation of Chicxulub sediments

Emission Spectroscopy, Impact-Vapor Plume, Chicxulub, Laser-Ablation, Impact Effects
Karina F. Navarro, Rafael Navarro-González, et al.
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Planetary and Space Science

Quantitative measurement of mixture ratio for ADN-based liquid propellant using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), ADN-Based Liquid Propellant, Mixture Ratio, Emission Intensity Ratio, Ultra-High-Speed Imaging
Fangyi Wang, Jing Li, et al.
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy

Combustion dynamics of multi-element lean-premixed hydrogen-air flame ensemble

OH* Chemiluminescence Emission, Combustion Instability, Decarbonization, Gas Turbine Combustion, High-Frequency Instability, Hydrogen, Multinozzel Array, Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence (PLIF)
Hyebin Kang and Kyu Tae Kim
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Combustion and Flame

Injection characteristics and fuel-air mixing process of ammonia jets in a constant volume vessel

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), Carbon-Free Fuel, Ammonia Jet, Schlieren Imaging, Tip Penetration, Mixing Processes
Zhifei Zhang, Dawei Wu, et al.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Birmingham

Survey of X-ray induced Cherenkov excited fluorophores with potential for human use

X-ray Induced Molecular Luminescence, Luminescence Emission Spectroscopy, Cherenkov Spectroscopy, Deep-Tissue Functional Imaging, Molecular Probes
Arthur F Pétusseau, Brian W Pogue, et al.
Dartmouth College
Journal of Radiation Research

Electronic spectroscopy of the A1̃2A′′/A2̃2A′−X̃2A′A1̃2A′′/A2̃2A′−X̃2A′ transitions of jet-cooled calcium ethoxide radicals: Vibronic structure of alkaline earth monoalkoxide radicals of Cs symmetry

Complete-Active Space Self-Consistent Field, Electron Spectroscopy, Spin-Orbit Interactions, Jahn-Teller Distortion, Coupled-Cluster Methods, Vibronic Transitions, Born-Oppenheimer Approximation, Laser Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Anam C. Paul, Jinjun Liu, et al.
University of Louisville, The Ohio State University
The Journal of Chemical Physics

Combined scattering-referenced and co-doped aerosol phosphor thermometry using the Ce,Pr:LuAG phosphor

Luminescence Emission, Aerosol Phosphor Thermometry, Phosphor Characterization, Heated Air Jet
Joshua M. Herzog, David A. Rothamer, et al.
University of Wisconsin–Madison
Applied Physics B

Isothermal equation of state of crystalline and glassy materials from optical measurements in diamond anvil cells

Fluroescence Spectroscopy, Bulk Modulus, Optical Metrology, Image Processing, Diamond Anvil Cells, Optical Microscopy
T. Fedotenko, N. Dubrovinskaia, et al.
University of Bayreuth, Bayerisches Geoinstitut Universität Bayreuth, Linköping University
Review of Scientific Instruments

Experimental study of atmospheric pressure single-pulse nanosecond discharge in pin-to-pin configuration

Nanosecond High-Voltage Discharges, Microwave Rayleigh Scattering, Optical Emission Spectroscopy
Xingxing Wang, Alexey Shashurin, et al.
Purdue University

Influence of substrate temperature on the detection sensitivity of surface-enhanced LIBS for analysis of heavy metal elements in water

Detection Sensitivity, Surface-Enhanced Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (SE-LIBS), Heavy Trace Metal Elements, Aqueous Solutions, Substrate Temperature
Dan Zhang, Mingxing Jin, et al.
Jilin University
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry

OH, PAH, and sooting imaging in piloted liquid-spray flames of diesel and diesel surrogate

Diesel and Diesel Surrogate, LIquid-Spray Frame, Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence (PLIF), Laser-Induced Incandescence (LII), OH/PAH-PLIF, Soot-LII
Yejin Wang, Waruna D. Kulatilaka, et al.
Texas A&M University
Combustion and Flame

Plasma-Graphene Interactions: Combined Effects of Positive Ions, Vacuum-Ultraviolet Photons, and Metastable Species

Plasma, Damage Formation Dynamics, Graphene Films, Optical Absorption Spectroscopy, Vacuum-Ultraviolet (VUV) Photons, Hyperspectral Raman Imaging
Pierre Vichon, Luc Stafford, et al.
Université de Montréal, Plasmionique inc.
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

Effects of low-molecular-weight polyols on the hydration status of the light-harvesting complex 2 from Rhodobacter sphaeroides 2.4.1

Low-Molecular-Weight Polyols, Resonance Raman Spectroscopy, Organic Osmolytes, Water Activity, Steady-State Spectroscopy
Ying Shi, Jian-Ping Zhang, et al.
Baotou Teachers’ College, Weifang Medical University, Lund University, Renmin University of China
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences

Time-resolved spatial profiles of electron density and temperature in hydrogen plasmas induced by radiation from laser-produced tin plasmas for extreme ultraviolet lithography light sources

Hydrogen Plasmas, Laser-Produced Plasma EUV Source, Laser Thomson Scattering (LTS), Bremsstrahlung Radiation
Kouichiro Kouge, Naoji Yamamoto, et al.
Gigaphoton Inc, Hokkaido University, Kyushu University Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics

Influence of spark discharge on Al(I) and AlO spectra in femtosecond laser-induced aluminum plasmas

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), Aluminium Samples, Aluminium Plasma, High-Voltage Spark Discharge, Atomic Spectral Intensity
Qiuyun Wang, Mingxing Jin, et al.
Jilin University,  Changchun University of Science and Technology
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy

Detection of hydrogen isotopes in Zircaloy-4 via femtosecond LIBS

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), Hydrogen Isotopes, Spatially and Temporally Resolved Optical Emission Spectroscopy
Elizabeth J. Kautz, Sivanandan S. Harilal, et al.
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy

Design and Performance of an Acoustic Levitator System Coupled with a Tunable Monochromatic Light Source and a Raman Spectrometer for In Situ Reaction Monitoring

Chemical Reaction Monitoring, Custom Raman Spectroscopy, Monochromatic UV light
Beni B. Dangi and Daniel J. Dickerson
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
ACS Omega

Temporal Dynamics of Femtosecond-TALIF of Atomic Hydrogen and Oxygen in a NRP Discharge-Assisted Methane-Air Flame

Plasma-Assisted Combustion, Two-Photon Absorption Laser-Induced Fluorescence, Plasma Luminescence, Temporal Dynamics, Atomic Hydrogen, Atomic Oxygen
Pengji Ding, Joakim Bood, et al.
Lanzhou University, Lund University, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

Spectrally resolved polarization angle across the motional Stark effect spectrum

Optical Devices, Polarization, Spectroscopy, Polarimeters, Field Programmable Gate Array, Optical Elements, Stark Effect
B. S. Victor, A. Thorman, et al.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, UK Atomic Energy Authority
Review of Scientific Instruments

Plasma properties measurements of parallel-plane electrodes in argon by coupling OES and PLIF

Optical Emission Spectroscopy, Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence, Plasma Properties, Metastable Atoms
Fangyi Wang, Xilong Yu, et al.
Institute of Mechanics, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Proc. SPIE 11780, Global Intelligent Industry Conference 2020

Experimental investigation of combustion dynamics and NOx/CO emissions from densely distributed lean-premixed multinozzle CH4/C3H8/H2/air flames

Combustion Dynamics, Decarbonization, Gas Turbine Combustion, Fuel-Flexible, Hydrogen, Lewis Number, Multinozzle Array, Chemiluminescence Emission, Fluorescence Distributions
Ukhwa Jin & Kyu Tae Kim
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Combustion and Flame

Early- and late-time dynamics of laser-produced plasmas by combining emission and absorption spectroscopy

Laser-Produced Plasma, Optical Emission Spectroscopy, Laser Absorption Spectroscopy, Plasma Diagnostics, Temperature, Density
N.L. LaHaye, M. C. Philips, et al.
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, University of Arizona
Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy

Quantitative 1-D LIBS measurements of fuel concentration in natural gas jets at high ambient pressure

Natural Gas Direct Injection, 1 Dimensional Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (1-D LIBS), Equivalence Ratio, Measurement Uncertainty
Zhifei Zhang, Shuai Huang, et al.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science

Improvement of LIBS signal stability for NaCl solution using femtosecond laser-induced water film

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), Sodium Chloride, Thin Water Film, Femtosecond Pulse Laser, Liquid Analysis
Dan Zhang, Mingxing Jin, et al.
Jilin University
Optics Express

Raman temperature and density measurements in supersonic jets

Flow-Field Properties, Supersonic Jets, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Particle Imagine Velocimetry, Spontaneous Rotational Raman Scattering Spectroscopy, Background-Orientated Schlieren
Mark P. Wernet, Randy J. Locke, et al.
NASA Glenn Research Center
Experiments in Fluids

Enhanced time-resolved fluorescence imaging based on dual-gated for forensic document inspection

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLI), Enhanced Time-Resolved Fluorescence Imaging, Dual-Gated Intensity-Correlation Enhancement Algorithm
Xin Zhong, Yan Zhou, et al.
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Proceedings Volume 11781, 4th optics young Scientist Summit (OYSS 2020)

Formation of low pressure striations in a krypton lamp, experimental characterization of the discharge: spectroscopic and electrical analysis

Striations, Pulsed Discharge, Inhomogeneous Plasma, Dielectric Barrier Discharge
Fatima Nadia Haddou, Bruno Cailier, et al.
Université des Sciences et de la Technologie d’Oran – Mohamed Boudiaf (USTO-MB), Université de Toulouse III Paul Sabatier (UPS)

Velocity and temperature fluctuations in a high-speed shock–turbulence interaction

Shock-Wave-Turbulence Interactions, High-Speed Flight, Propulsion, Temperature Fluctuation, Pulsed Wind Tunnel Facility, Molecular Tagging Velocimetry, Two-Line Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence Thermometry
B. McManamen, R.D.W. Bowersox, et al.
Texas A&M University
Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Fiber-based stray light suppression in spectroscopy using periodic shadowing

Stray Light Suppression, Fiber Signal Collection, Fiber-Based Periodic Shadowing, Raman Spectroscopy, Combustion
Miaoxin Gong, Andreas Ehn, et al.
Lund University, Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology, University of Würzburg, Eisingen Laboratory for Applied Raman Spectroscopy
Optics Express

Influence of target temperature on AlO emission of femtosecond laser-induced Al plasmas

Molecular Emission, Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), Evolution of Electron and Lattice Temperature
Wei Qi, Mingxing Jin, et al.
Beijing Institute of Tracking and Telecommunications Technology, Jilin University, Changchun Institute of Optics Fine Mechanics and Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences
Plasma Science and Technology

Engineering hydrogenation active sites on graphene oxide and N-doped graphene by plasma treatment

Graphene Oxide Catalyst, N-Doped Graphene Catalyst, Hydrogen Plasma Activation of Graphenes, Hydroisomerization
Monica Magureanu, Hermenegildo Garcia, et al.
National Institute for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics, University of Bucharest, National Institute of Materials Physics, Center of Organic Chemistry “C.D. Nenitescu” of Romanian Academy, Instituto Universitario de Tecnología Química
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

Influencing factors on the vibrational and rotational temperatures in the spark discharge channel

Spark Discharge Plasma, Emission Spectra, Vibrational and Rotational Temperatures, Environmental Parameters, Spatial Distribution
Shuai Huang, Xinwu Zhao, et al.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, University of Windsor, Chongqing PUSH Mechanism Co.

Probing the high mixing efficiency events in a lock-exchange flow through simultaneous velocity and temperature measurements

Density Measurement, Fluid Mixing, Ecperimental Techniques, Fluid Flows, Lasers, Gravity Currents, Flow Visualization, Phosphorescence, Fluorescein, Velocity Measurement
Tanmay Agrawal, Joseph C. Klewicki, et al.
The University of Melbourne
Physics of Fluids

Suppression of unpolarized background interferences for Raman spectroscopy under continuous operation

Time-Resolving Filtering, Polarization Separation, Broadband Laser-Induced Fluorescence, Flame Luminosity, Raman Spectroscopy
Haisol Kim, Christian Brackmann, et al.
Lund University
Optics Express

Enhancement of rapid lifetime determination for time-resolved fluorescence imaging in forensic examination

Rapid Lifetime Determination, Time-Resolved Fluorescence Imaging, Forensic Examination, Dual-Gated Fluorescence Intensity Imaging
Xin Zhong, Yan Zhou, et al.
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Chinese Optics Letters

Long-Term Quantitatively Imaging Intracellular Chloride Concentration Using a Core-/Shell-Structured Nanosensor and Time-Domain Dual-Lifetime Referencing Method

Dyes and Pigments, Anions, Nanodevices, Fluorescence, Nanoparticles
Longjiang Ding, Xu-dong Wang, et al.
Fudan University
ACS Sensors

Impact Flash Evolution of CO2 Ice, Water Ice and Frozen Martian and Lunar Regolith-Simulant Targers

Wavelength Dependence, Temporal Evolution, Hypervolecity Imapce Self-Luminous Plume, Martian and Lunar Regolith-simulant Targets, Early-Time Emission Spectroscopy, Near-UV to Near-IR Spectroscopy, Emission Spectroscopy
Jon D. Tandy, Chrysa Avdellidou, et al.
London Metropolitan University, University of Kent, Boulevard de l’Observatoire

Anchoring of premixed jet flames in vitiated crossflow with pulsed nanosecond spark discharge

Reacting Jet-In-Crossflow, Flame Anchoring, Combustion Enhancement, Non-Equilibrium Gas Discharge, Optical Emission Spectroscopy
Sergey Shcherbanev, Nicolas Noiray, et al.
CAPS Laboratory, Paul Scherrer Institut
Applications in Energy and Combustion Science

Influences of Coal Type and Particle Size on Soot Measurement by Laser-Induced Incandescence and Soot Formation Characteristics in Laminar Pulverized Coal Flames

Redox Reactions, Particle Size, Coal, Particulate Matter, Lasers, Laser-Induced Incandescence, Thermophoretic Sampling, Elastic Laser Scattering, Flame Characterization
Jiahan Yu, Kefa Cen, et al.
Zhejiang University
Energy Feuels

Investigation of gas heating effect and induced pressure waves of a single microdischarge in atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharges

Air Discharges, Microdischarge, Gas Flow Model, Gas Heating
K.M. Lin, S. Y. Chuang, et al.
National Chung Cheng University
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

Second-Order Nonlinear Polarization in the Strong-Field Regime

Second Harmonic Generation (SHG), Polarization, Strong-Field Tunneling
Liang Li, Peixiang Lu, et al.
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan Institute of Technoloy

Influence of rotational asymmetry on thermoacoustic instabilities in a can-annular lean-premixed combustor

Azimuthal Instabilities, Can-Annual Combustor, Combustion Instability, Cross Talk, Gas Turbine Combustion, Lean-Premixed
Kihun Moon, Kyu Tae Kim et al.
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, One Research Circle
Combustion and Flame

Characterization of the Ce,Pr:LuAG phosphor for Co-doped aerosol phosphor thermometry

Aerosol Phosphor Thermometry, Thermographic Phosphors, Excited-State Absorption, Co-Doped Phosphor
Joshua M. Herzog, David A. Rothamer et al.
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Journal of Luminescence

Near‐Infrared Fluorescence from Silicon‐ and Nickel‐Based Color Centers in High‐Pressure High‐Temperature Diamond Micro‐ and Nanoparticles

Diamond Color Centers, Silicon-Vacancy, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy, High-Pressure High-Temperature Diamond, Near-Infrared Fluorescence
Alexander I. Shames, Philipp Reineck et al.
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, RMIT University, National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology, Adámas Nanotechnologies, College of Staten Island
Advanced Optical Materials

The effect of fuel composition and Reynolds number on soot formation processes in turbulent non-premixed toluene jet flames

Soot in Turbulent Flames, Soot Formation of Toluene, Soot Diagnostics, Temperature and Soot
Stephan Kruse, Bassam Dally et al.
RWTH Aachen University, The University of Adelaide
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute

Plasma-based VAD process for multiply doped glass powders and high-performance fiber preforms with outstanding homogeneity

Atmospheric Pressure, Dopant Homogeneity, Microwave Plasma, Perform Fabrication, Silica
Tom Trautvetter, Hartmut Barktelt et al.
Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology, Otto Schott Institute of Materials Research
Plasma Processes and Polymers

Linear scheme for the direct reconstruction of noncontact time-domain fluorescence molecular lifetime tomography

Time-Domain Fluorescence Molecular Lifetime Tomography, TD-FMLT, Noncontact System, Femtosecond Pulse Laser, High-Speed Time-Gated Camera
Peng Zhang et al.
Beijing Jiaotong University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beihang University
Applied Optics

NO and OH* emission characteristics of very-lean to stoichiometric ammonia–hydrogen–air swirl flames

Carbon-free, Ammonia, Swirl Flame, Nitric Oxide (NO) Emission, OH* Chemiluminescence
Xuren Zhu et al.
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute

Resonance IR spectroscopy in aqueous solution by combining IR super-resolution with TFD-IR method

Infrared Measurement, Aqueous Solution, Resonance Infrared Spectroscopy, Flavin Mononucleotide, Franck-Condon Factor
Hirona Takahashi et al.
Okayama University of Science
Chemical Physics Letters

Single-shot imaging of major species and OH mole fractions and temperature in non-premixed H2/N2 flames at elevated pressure

Raman Imaging, Ramanography, OH-PLIF, Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence, Hydrogen, Differential Diffusion
T.F. Guiberti et al.
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute

Observation of the development of pulsed discharge inside a bubble under water using ICCD cameras

Hyroxyl Radical, Hydrogen Peroxide, Discharge Inside Bubble, Pulsed Power, Waste Water Treatment
Katsuyuki Takahashi et al.
Iwate University, Kumamoto University

Charge‐Carrier Trapping and Radiative Recombination in Metal Halide Perovskite Semiconductors

Charge-Carrier Accumulation, Perovskite Solar Cells, Photoluminescence, Trap States, Trapping
Michael J. Trimpl et al.
University of Oxford, Technische Universität München
Advanced Functional Materials

Direct comparison of self-excited instabilities in mesoscale multinozzle flames and conventional large-scale swirl-stabilized flames

Gas Turbine Combustion, Lean-Premixed, Mutlinozzle Array, Self-Excited Instabilities, Swirl-Stabilized
Taesong Lee et al.
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute

Experimental investigation of combustion instabilities of a mesoscale multinozzle array in a lean-premixed combustor

Combustion Instabilities, Gas Turbine Combustion, Lean-Premixed, Multinozzle Array, Radial Staging
Hyebin Kang et al.
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute

Influence of asymmetric flame transfer functions on can-to-can acoustic interactions between two lean-premixed combustors

Can-Annular Combustor, Can-To-Can Interaction, Cross-Talk, Gas Turbine Combustion, Low Swirl
Hyunwook Jegal et al.
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute

A Highly Efficient and Stable Blue‐Emitting Cs5Cu3Cl6I2 with a 1D Chain Structure

Air Stability, High Photoluminescence Quantum Yield, Mixed Anions, Pb-Free Luminescent Halides, Temperature Dependent Photoluminescence
Jiangwei Li et al.
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Advanced Materials

Improvement of catalytic activity of graphene oxide by plasma treatment

Graphene Oxide, Non-Thermal Plasma, Catalytic Activity, Glow Discharge, Optical Emission Spectroscopy
M. Magureanu et al.
National Institute for Lasers, University of Bucharest, Universitat Politècnica de València
Catalysis Today

Phase-selective laser–induced breakdown spectroscopy in flame spray pyrolysis for iron oxide nanoparticle synthesis

Spray-Flame Synthesis, Iron Nitrate, Phase-Selective Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, PS-LIBS, Spontaneous Raman Scattering, Flame Spray Pyrolysis
Malte F. B. Stodt et al.
Universität Bremen, Leibniz Institute for Materials Engineering IWT, Tsinghua University
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute

Kinetic effects of NO addition on n-dodecane cool and warm diffusion flames

Optical Emission Spectroscopy, Equilibrium Thermodynamics, Arc Plasma
C. Mohsni et al.
National School of Engineering of Monastir, Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology
Physics of Plasmas

Kinetic effects of NO addition on n-dodecane cool and warm diffusion flames

Diffusion Flame, NO Addition, Cool Flame, Warm Flame, Counterflow Flame, Chemiluminescence
Mengni Zhou et al.
Princeton University, Wuhan University of Technology, Tohoku University
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute

Effect of duty cycle on pulsed discharge atmospheric pressure plasma: discharge volume and remnant electron density

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma, Duty Cycle Adjustment, Time-Averaged Electron Density, Discharge Volume, Controlling Electron Temperature, Electron Density, Open Air
Bowen Feng et al.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Queensland University of Technology
Plasma Sources Science and Technology

A Directional Microplasma Thurster Exhibiting a Switchable Intense Plasma Coupling

Microplasma, Thruster, Plasma Coupling, Microplasma Nozzle Effect
Sung-o Kim et al.
Kansas State University, Applied Materials, Inc.
IEE Access

Mixture Fraction Imaging of Distributed Regime Turbulent Jet Flame using Rayleigh Scattering

Moderate/Intense Low-Oxygen Dilution Combustion, MILD, Turbulent Combustion, Jet Flames, Rayleigh Scattering, Turbulent Ethylene
Abinash Sahoo et al.
North Carolina State University, Technical University of Graz
AIAA Aviation 2020 Forum

Laser-induced plasma in water at high pressures up to 40 MPa: A time-resolved study

Laser-Induced Plasma Emission, LIBS, Deep-Sea, Water Plasma, Ionic Emissions, Atomic Emissions, Molecular Emissions
Ye Tian et al.
Ocean University of China
Optics Express

Combustion dynamics of lean fully-premixed hydrogen-air flames in a mesoscale multinozzle array

Combustion Dynamics, Gas Turbine Combustion, Hydrogen, Lean Fully-Premixed, Multinozzle Array, Self-Excited Instabilities
Taesong Lee and Kyu Tae Kim
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Combustion and Flame

Measurements of electric field in an atmospheric pressure helium plasma jet by the E-FISH method

Plasma Jets, Picosecond Electric Field, Second Harmonic Generation
Keegan Orr et al.
The Ohio State University, Tsinghua University
Plasma Sources Science and Technology

Time-Gated Single-Shot Picosecond Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (ps-LIBS) for Equivalence-Ratio Measurements

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, LIBS, Combustion Diagnostics, Time-Resolved Spectroscopy, Picosecond Phenomena
Mark Gragston et al.
University of Tennessee, Air Force Institute of Technology
Applied Spectroscopy

Narrowband Spontaneous Emission Amplification from a Conjugated Oligomer Thin Film

Thin Film, Time-Resolved Spectroscopy, Conjugated Oligomer, Photoluminescence Spectroscopy, Laser-Induced Fluorescence, Amplified Spontaneous Emission
Mohamad S. AlSalhi et al.
King Saud University

Combined Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers for real-time closed-loop tissue-specific laser osteotomy

Real-Time Imaging, Non-Destructive Imaging, Laser Osteotomy, Closed-Loop System, Tissue Detection, Life Sciences
Hamed Abbasi et al.
University of Basel, Grenoble Alpes University, University Hospital Basel, University of Washington
Biomedical Optics Express

Experimental and numerical study of the effect of elevated pressure on laminar burning velocity of lean H2/CO/O2/diluents flames

Laminar Burning Velocity, Heat Flux Method, Elevated Pressure, Syngas
Shixing Wang et al.
Zhejiang University

Quantitative in situ mapping of elements in deep-sea hydrothermal vents using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy and multivariate analysis

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, In Situ Chemical Analysis, Deep-Sea Explorations, Seafloor Mineral Resources, Multivariate Analysis
Tomoko Takahashi et al.
The University of Tokyo, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, University of Southampton, Waseda University, Chiba Institute of Technology, Kobe University, Kyoto University
Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers

Effects of turbulent flow regime on perforated plate stabilized piloted lean premixed flames

Gas Turbine, Turbulent Lean Premixed Flame, Perforated Plate, Turbulence Generator, Particle Image Velocimetry, Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence
Jupyoung Kim et al.
Purdue University
Combustion and Flame

Mapping of real-time morphological changes in the neuronal cytoskeleton with label-free wide-field second-harmonic imaging: a case study of nocodazole

Neuroscience, Bio/In vivo imaging, Life Science, Second Harmonic Generation Imaging, Multiphoton Imaging
Marie . P. Didier et al.
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Stimulation of lidocaine penetration into model tissues by an argon plasma jet

Ultrafast Imaging, Life Science, Plasma Physics and Monitoring, Drug Delivery, Plasma treatment
Tongtong He et al.
Xi’an Jiaotong University, Old Dominion University
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

Talbot effect of orbital angular momentum lattices with single photons

Single Photon Sources, Quantum Physics, Quantum Research, Gated Imaging, Ultrafast Imaging, Coincidence Detection
S. Schwarz et al.
University of Waterloo
Physical Review A

Species distribution in laser-induced plasma on the surface of binary immiscible alloy

Plasma Physics, Laser-Supported Combustion, Immiscible Alloy
Yang Zhao et al.
Shanxi University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy

Origin of hydroxyl radicals in a weakly ionized plasma-facing liquid

Physical Chemistry, OH Radicals, Emission Spectroscopy, Plasma Physics
Sanghoo Park et al.
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Chemical Engineering Journal

Optimized surface treatment of aerospace composites using a picosecond laser

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, Composite Materials, Defects
Frank L. Palmieri et al.
NASA Langley Research Center, University of Virginia
Composites Part B: Engineering

Collective Thomson scattering measurements of electron feature using stimulated Brillouin scattering in laser-produced plasmas

Laboratory Astrophysics, Ultrafast Gated Technology, Brillouin Scattering, Laser-Produced Plasmas
N. Bolouki et al.
National Central University, Osaka University, National Institutes of Natural Sciences, Kyushu University
High Energy Density Physics

Collision-mediated ultrafast decay of N2 fluorescence during fs-laser-induced filamentation

Ultrafast Gating Technology, Streak Camera Approaches, Spatiotemporal Fluorescence Emission, Decay Dynamics
Pengxu Ran et al.
The Peac Institute of Multiscale Sciences, Southwest Jiaotong University, Sorbonne University, ShanghaiTech University
Optics Express

Liquid-Fed Pulsed Plasma Thruster for Propelling Nanosatellites

Micropropulsion, Pulsed Plasma Thruster, CubeSat, Low Energy Surface Flashover
Adam R. Patel et al.
Purdue University

Combustion stability study of partially premixed combustion by high-pressure multiple injections with low-octane fuel

Combustion Ignition, Injection Pressure, Combustion Stability, Low-Octane Fuel, High Speed Imaging, Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence
Yanzhao An et al.
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Applied Energy

Hydroxyl radical planar imaging in flames using femtosecond laser pulses

Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence, Flame and Plasma Research, OH Excitation, Pulse-Burst Laser Systems
Yejun Wang et al.
Texas A&M University
Applied Physics B

Supersonic plasma turbulence in the laboratory

Ultrafast Schlieren Imaging, Emission Spectroscopy, Interstellar Astronomy, Laboratory-Based Astronomy
T.G.White et al.
University of Oxford, University of Nevada
Nature Communications

Effect of hydrogen bond on solvation dynamics of coumarin153 in cyclohexane-phenol solvent mixtures by time-resolved optical Kerr fluorescence

Pump Probe Spectroscopy, Optical Kerr Effect, Physical Chemistry of Solutions
D. Liu et al.
Jilin University
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy

Optical investigations on particles evolution and flame properties during pulverized coal combustion in O2/N2 and O2/CO2 conditions

Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence, Laser Induced Incandescence, Elastic Laser Scattering
Jian Wu et al.
Zhejiang University, Lund University

Proton transfer accompanied with oxidation reaction of adenosine

Life Science, Biochemistry, DNA repair, Pulse Radiolysis, Time Resolved Resonance Raman, Ultrafast Spectroscopy
Dr Jungkweon Choi et al.
Institute for Basic Science (IBS), Daejeon, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Osaka University
Chemistry – A European Journal

Knife-edge based measurement of the 4D transverse phase space of electron beams with picometer-scale emittance

Accelerator Physics, Particle Detection, Ultrafast Imaging, Beam Control, Beam Diagnostics, Low-Energy Multiple-Particle Dyanmics
Fuhao Ji et al.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California
Physics Review Accelerators and Beams

Time-resolved electron properties of a HiPIMS argon discharge via incoherent Thomson scattering

Plasma Physics and Monitoring, Thin Films, Thomson Scattering, Ultrafast Imaging
Sedina Tsikata et al.
 ICARE CNRS, Université Paris Saclay
Plasma Sources Science and Technology

Instabilities and Plasma Flares in Moderate-Current Confined Magnetron Sputtering in Three Dimensions

HiPIMS – High-Power Impulse Magentron Sputtering, Plasma Physics and Monitoring, Ultrafast Imaging, Thin Films
Bibhuti Bhusan et al.
Sungkyunkwan University
Physics Review Applied

Endothermic singlet fission is hindered by excimer formation

Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Spectroscopy, Photovoltaic Devices, Improved Efficiency
Cameron B. Dover et al.
UNSW Sydney, The University of Adelaide, University of Kentucky
Nature Chemistry

Impact of swirl and bluff-body on the transfer function of premixed flames

Flame Dynamics, Transfer Function, Swirl Number Fluctuations
M. Gatti et al.
Université Paris-Saclay, Université de Toulouse
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute

Structured blue emission in Bismuth doped fibers

Time Resolved Photoluminescence, Excitation Photoluminescence, ICCD
A. Alessi et al.
Université de Lyon, Université de Lille
Optical Materials

Structure and behavior of water-laden CH4/air counterflow diffusion flames

Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence, Chemiluminescence Imaging, Flame Reaction Zone Characterization
R.E. Padilla et al.
University of California, California State University, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Combustion and Flame

Plasma Jets With Needle–Ring Electrodes: The Insulated Sealing of the Needle and its Effect on the Plasma Characteristics

Electrodes, Discharges, Plasma Jets, Needles, Dielectrics, Electron Tubes
Dingxin Liu et al.
Xi’an Jiaotong University
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science

Transient interactions between a premixed double flame and a vortex

Flame-Vortex Interaction, Counterflow Premixed Flame, Double Flame, Low-Temperature Chemistry, Dimethyl Ether
Christopher B. Reuter et al.
Princeton University, Innovative Scientific Solutions
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute

Ultrabroadband multiplex coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering (CARS) microspectroscopy using a CCD camera with an InGaAs image intensifier

Chemistry, Life Science, Ultrafast Spectroscopy, CARS, InGaAs Intensifier
Rie Fujisawa et al.
University of Tsukuba, Institut de Recherche XLIM, Konicaminolta Inc.
Chemistry Letters

Determination of boron with molecular emission using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy combined with laser-induced radical fluorescence

Boron Detection, Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, Laser-Induced Radical Fluorescence
L.B.Guo et al.
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Yichun University
Optics Express