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Probing Magnetic Properties of Materials With In-Vacuum X-Ray Cameras

An international team from France, Italy, Slovenia and the UK have been investigating the microscopic magnetic properties of thin film ferromagnetic materials. By measuring time resolved x-ray magnetic scattering and x-ray diffraction, the researchers were able to determine the dynamic formation of magnetic domains in these materials…Find out more

DiProl Beamline

Novel Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy on the PAL-XFEL

The PAL-XFEL is a new facility that opened in Korea specializing in x-ray free electron lasers. XFELs allow for the production of brighter and higher quaqlity high energy radiation from EUV/soft x-rays, aiding in fundamental physics, material science, and structural biology research…Find out more

Pohang Accelerator Laboratory
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation

Intense Laser Pulses for Laboratory X-Ray Radiation Sources

Researchers from France have created a synchrotron source for ultrafast x-ray absorption experiments on the femtosecond timescale. They used this to determine what occurs at the initial stages of heating a material…Find out more

Benoit Mahieu
Nature Communications

Liquid Streams of Protein Crystals for X-Ray Diffraction Measurements

X-ray crystallography is a useful tool for material structure determination. Researchers at DESY in Hamburg have developed a new sample delivery technique to deliver liquid streams of protein crystals to probe crystal structure on very small sample sizes…Find out more


Coherent, Monochromatic EUV Beams for Characterization and Defect Inspection of Lithography Masks

Researchers from PSI in Switzerland use a coherent, monochromatic EUV beam to perform coherent diffraction imaging for defect inspection…Find out more

Patrick Helfenstein
Optics Express