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Probing warm dense matter using femtosecond X-ray absorption spectroscopy with a laser-produced betatron source

X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy, XAS, Femtosecond, Pulsed Laser
B. Mahieu et al.
 Université Paris-Saclay, Université de Bordeaux, 
Nature Communications

In situ single-shot diffractive fluence mapping for X-ray free-electron laser pulses

Free-Electron Lasers, FELs, Extreme Ultraviolet, XUV, XUV Diffraction
Michael Schneider et al.
Max-Born-Institut Berlin, Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A., Istituto Officina dei Materiali, Technische Universität Berlin
Nature Communications

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Optimized manufacturing of thermoplastic biocomposites by fast induction-heated compression moulding: influence of processing parameters on microstructure development and mechanical behaviour

Biocomposite, Mechanical Properties, Microstructural Analysis, Compression Moulding
K.R. Ramakrishnan et al.
Université Montpellier, Université de Toulouse
Composites Part A; Applied Science and Manufacturing

Characterization of a back-illuminated CMOS camera for soft x-ray coherent scattering

Synchrotron, Soft X-Ray Coherent Scattering, sCMOS, Beamline
Kewin Desjardins et al.
Synchrotron SOLEIL, Lund University
AIP Conference Proceedings

Rapid sample delivery for megahertz serial crystallography at X-ray FELs

X-Ray Free-Electron Lasers, FELs, X-ray FEL Pulse Trains, Megahertz Repetition Rates
Max O Wiedorn et al.
Center for Free-Electron Laser Science, Universität Hamburg, Hamburg University of Technology, European XFEL GmbH, Arizona State University, Universidad de Sevilla

Self-channelled high harmonic generation of water window soft X-rays

High Harmonic Generation, HHG, Coherent X-ray Source, Infrared Lasers, Soft X-Ray
V. Cardin et al.
Institut national de la Recherche Scientifique, Few-cycle Inc., Université de Bordeaux, Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies CNR-IFN, National Institute for R&D Isotopic and Molecular Technologies
Journal of Physics B

Beam drift and partial probe coherence effects in EUV reflective-mode coherent diffractive imaging

Extreme Ultraviolent Lithography, EUV, Reflective-Mode Lensless Imaging, Multi-Layer Mask
Patrick Helfenstein et al.
Paul Scherrer Institut
Optics Express