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Ultrafast Imaging of Laser Driven Shock Waves using Betatron X-rays from a Laser Wakefield Accelerator

Betatron Radiation, Laser Wakefield Accelerators, Ultrashort Pulsed Hard X-Rays, Plasma Accelerator
J. C. Wood et al.
Imperial College London, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Oxford, University of Nevada, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, University of Michigan, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory,
Scientific Reports

Characterization of scintillator‐based detectors for few‐ten‐keV high‐spatial‐resolution x‐ray imaging

High-Spatial-Resolution X-Ray Imaging, Small Animal Imaging, Phase-Contrast Imaging, Life Sciences, Medical Research, Medical Physics
Jakob C. Larsson et al.
KTH Royal Institute of Technology/Albanova
Medical Physics: The International Journal of Medical Physics Research and Practice

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The monochromatic X-rays facilities at NIM

Monochromatic X-Rays, Monochromator, Bragg Diffraction, Energy Spectra, Calibration
Guo Siming, Zhang Jian et al.
National Institute of Metrology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

The realization and study of (21–301) keV monochromatic X-rays

Monoenergetic X-Rays, Bragg Diffraction, Monochromator, Energy Spectra, Stability
Dongjie Hou et al.
China University of Petroleum, National Institute of Metrology
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment

X-ray phase contrast imaging of additive manufactured structures using a laser wakefield accelerator

Beatron Oscillations of Electrons, Nonlinear Plasma, X-Ray Fluence, Laser Power
M. Vargas et al.
University of Michigan
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

Focus of a multilayer Laue lens with an aperture of 102 microns determined by ptychography at beamline 1-BM at the Advanced Photon Source

Ptychography, Multilayer-Laue-Lens, MLL, Bending Magnet Source, Coherence-Based Experiments
Albert Macrander et al.
Argonne National Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory
SPIE Optical Engineering and Applications

A full-field transmission x-ray microscope for time-resolved imaging of magnetic nanostructures

One-Dimensional Carbon Chains, Excitons, Photoluminescence Spectra, Gold Nanoparticles
J. Ewals et al.
Institute for X-Optics (IXO), University of Hamburg, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Max Planck Institute for the Structure and Dynamics of Matter
AIP Conference Proceedings