PIXIS XOResearch Stories

New Gratings for Suppression of Higher Diffraction Orders

Researchers at the Research Center of Laser Fusion in China are developing new diffraction gratings, based on nanotechnology fabrication techniques, to suppress higher diffraction orders than blazed diffraction gratings…Find out more

Leifeng Cao
Review of Scientific Instruments

Real Time Phase Transitions Using X-Ray Spectroscopy

Researchers from the University of Salamanca are investigating real time behavior of phase transitions using x-ray spectroscopic techniques to give specific element information regarding electrons within a material…Find out more

Jens Biegert

Improving the Use of Strong Laser Fields in Plasmas for Synchrotrons

Researchers at the Synchrotron SOLEIL in France have been using the strong laser fields in plasmas to accelerate particles due to their smaller size. They have been characterizing the emerging beam to enhance beam quality…Find out more

Synchrotron SOLEIL
Nature Communications

EUV Microscope for Plasma Scattering and Absorption Investigations

Researchers from Germany designed and built a new EUV microscope which could sufficiently image scattering and absorption of plasmas created with sub picosecond EUV pulses from cryogenic hydrogen jets…Find out more

Ulf Zastrau
Review of Scientific Instruments

Inverse Compton Scattering for EUV and X-Ray Applications

EUV and x-ray radiation is highly important in applications such as medical and material x-ray radiography. Researchers from Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden are measuring the spectral shape of an x-ray beam to characterize the radiation source…Find out more

Arie Irman
Scientific Reports