PyLoN® FamilyExtremely Low Noise Liquid Nitrogen Cooled Cameras

Extremely Low Noise Liquid Nitrogen Cooled CCD and InGaAS Cameras

PyLoN CCD camera


  • 120 – 1100 nm sensitivity
  • -120℃ cryogenic cooling
  • 50 kHz – 4 MHz readout speeds
  • Ultra low noise

PyLoN® supports a range of cryogenically cooled CCDs with flexible readout design and 120-1100 nm sensitivity.

PyLoN IR CCD camera


  • 800 – 2200 nm spectral coverage
  • -100℃ cryogenic cooling
  • 6600 spectra/sec
  • 16-bit digitization

The PyLoN® IR offers high-performance NIR/SWIR spectroscopy with a cryogenically cooled InGaAs detector with fast spectral rate and lowest system read noise.