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Graphene photonic crystal fibre with strong and tunable light–matter interaction

Photonic Crystal Fiber, PCF, Electrical Tunability, Graphene, Chemical Vapor Deposition, 2D Material
Jiajun Dong et al.
Peking University, Henan University, Aalto University, University of California at Berkeley
Nature Photonics

Brightening of Long, Polymer-Wrapped Carbon Nanotubes by sp3 Functionalization in Organic Solvents

Functionalization, Excitons, Collloids, Defects, Carbon Nanotubes
Felix J. Berger et al.
Universität Heidelberg
ACS Nano

Transparent aerogel-like diamond nanofilms from glassy carbon by high pressure and high temperature

Aerogel, Aerogel-like Diamond Nanofilm, Glassy Carbon, High Pressure and High Temperature
Jiajun Dong et al.
Jilin University, Soochow University
Diamond and Related Materials

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Individually addressable artificial atoms in silicon photonics

Photoluminescence, Artificial Atoms, Quantum Information Processing, Scalable Control, Silicon Color Centers
Mihika Prabhu, Dirk Englund, et al.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Delft University of Technology

Exciton-Coupled Coherent Antiferromagnetic Magnons in a 2D Semiconductor

Pump-Probe Spectroscopy and Microscopy, Two-Dimensional (2D) Materials, 2D Spin Waves, Excitons, Coherent AFM Magnons
Youn Jue Bae, Xiaoyang Zhu, et al.
Columbia University, New York University, University of Washington

Super-Resolution Radial Fluctuations (SRRF) nanoscopy in the near infrared

Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Near-Infrared Microscopy, Super Resolution Microscopy, Super-Resolution Radial Fluctuations, Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Roni Ehrlich, Gili Bisker, et al.
Tel Aviv University
Optics Express

Intermolecular Forces Dictate Vibrational Energy Transfer in Plasmonic–Molecule Systems

Ultrafast Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, Plasmonic Photocatalysis, Plasmon-Driven Energy Transfer, Intermolecular Interactions, Intermolecular Energy Transfer
Ziwei Yu and Renee R. Frontiera
University of Minnesota
ACS Nano

Oncometabolite Fingerprinting Using Fluorescent Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Fluorescence Excitation, Key Cellular Metabolic Enzymes, Oncometabolites, Cancerous Transformations, Near-Infrared Optical Nanosensors, Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Dean Amir, Gili Bisker, et al.
Tel Aviv University
Advanced Materials Interfaces

Low-frequency multiplex CARS microscopy with a high-repetition near-infrared supercontinuum laser

Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy, Ultrashort Pulse Laser, Supercontinuum Light Source, Low-Wavenumber, Near-Infrared Excitation, Phase Transition
Yusuke Arashida, Hidemi Shigekawa, et al.
University of Tsukuba, TAKANO Co., LTD., Toyota Technological Institute
The Japan Society of Applied Physics

Disorder of Excitons and Trions in Monolayer MoSe2

Optical Spectroscopy, Photoluminescence Spectroscopy, NIR-II, SWIR, Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (TMDC) Monolayers, Hyperspectral Imaging
Jue Wang, X.-Y. Zhu, et al.
Columbia University, Cornell University

Strong Zero-Phonon Transition from Point Defect-Stacking Fault Complexes in Silicon Carbide Nanowires

Silicon Carbide, Point Defect, Stacking Fault, Nanowire, Debye-Waller Factor, Phonons, Nanowires, Defects in Solids, Quantum Mechanics
Jin Hee Lee, Je-Hyung Kim, et al.
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Wigner Research Centre for Physics
Nano Letters

Erbium-Implanted Materials for Quantum Communication Applications

Spin-Photon Interfaces, Optical Transitions, Quantum Communication, Ion Implantation, Optical Spectroscopy
Paul Stevenson, Jeff D. Thompson, et al.
Northeastern University, Princeton University, Thales Research and Technology, PSL University, Sorbonne Universit´e, University of California, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Short and Long-Range Electron Transfer Compete to Determine Free-Charge Yield in Organic Semiconductors

Photoluminescence Spectroscopy, Photoluminescence Quenching, Low-Dielectric Constant Organic Semiconductors, Photoinduced Electron Transfer
Joshua M. Carr, Garry Rumbles, et al.
University of Colorado Boulder, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology

Topological lasing from embedded III-V 1D photonic crystal lattices in the telecom O-band

Micro Photoluminescence Spectroscopy, Topologrical Photonics, Photonic Crystals, III-V on Si, Integrated Photonics, Nanolaser
M. Scherrer, K. Moselund, et al.
IBM Research Europe, Sejong University, Hanbat National University
Proc. SPIE 11796, Active Photonic Platforms XIII

Waveguide Coupled III-V Photodiodes Monolithically Integrated on Si

III-V Nanostructures, Integrated Optical Links, Near-Infrared (NIR), Short Wave Infrared (SWIR), Electrolumiescence Spectroscopy
Pengyan Wen, Kirsten E. Moselund, et al.
IBM Research Europe – Zurich, ETH Zürich

Photochromism and Persistent Luminescence in Ni-Doped ZnGa2O4 Transparent Glass-Ceramics: Toward Optical Memory Applications

SWIR/NIR-II Luminescence, Electron Paramagentic Resonance Spectroscopy, Photochroism, Materials, Irradiation
Victor Castaing, Bruno Viana, et al.
Université de Paris, PSL Research University, Université Orléans
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Interlayer Electronic Coupling on Demand in a 2D Magnetic Semiconductor

Two-Dimensional (2D) Materials, Interlayer Electronic Coupling, Tunable Excitonic Transitions, Antiferromagentic, Optical Spectroscopy, Temperature-Dependent Photoluminescence Measurements
Nathan P. Wilson, Xiaodong Xu, et al.
University of Washington, Columbia University

EXPRESS: Upconversion Fluorescence in Naturally Occuring Calcium Fluoride

Calcium Floride, Erbium, Fluorescence, Fluorite, Holmium, Mineral Sensing, Upconversion Fluorescence
Jillian Elizabeth Moffatt, Nigel Antony Spooner, et al.
The University of Adelaide, Defence Science and Technology Group Edinburgh
Applied Spectroscopy

High-speed III-V nanowire photodetector monolithically integrated on Si

Direct Epitaxial Growth, Nanowires, In-Plane Monolithic InGaAs Nanstructure Integreation, Silicon Photodetectors, Photoluminescence
Svenja Mauthe et al.
IBM Research Europe, Integrated Systems Laboratory
Nature Communications

Efficient hot-electron extraction in two-dimensional semiconductor heterostructures by ultrafast resonant transfer

Heterostructures, Photoexcitations, Ultrafast laser Spectroscopy, 2D Materials, Semiconductors, Electron Transfer, Photoluminescence, Absorption
Yujie Li et al.
Zhejiang University
The Journal of Chemical Physics

Magnetic Order and Symmetry in the 2D Semiconductor CrSBr

Two-Dimensional (2D) Magnets, Magnetic Proximity Effects, Second Harmonic Generation, SHG, Photoluminescence Spectroscopy, Reflectance Spectroscopy
Kihong Lee et al.
Columbia University, University of Washington

Excitons in strain-induced one-dimensional moiré potentials at transition metal dichalcogenide heterojunctions

Interfacial Moiré Patterns, Real-Space Imaging, Unstrained Zero-Dimensional Patterns, One-Dimensional Patterns, Photoluminescence, InGaAs
Yusong Bai et al.
Columbia University, University of Washington, University of Hong Kong
Nature Materials

Effects of Intra- and Interchain Interactions on Exciton Dynamics of PTB7 Revealed by Model Oligomers

Ultrafast Transient Absorption Spectroscopy, Excited State, Oligomer, Structural Dynamics, Electronic Processes
Thomas J. Fauvell et al.
Northwestern University, Argonne National Laboratory, The University of Chicago

Covalent Surface Modification Effects on Single‐Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Targeted Sensing and Optical Imaging

Biosensing, Fluorescence Imaging, Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes, Surface Functionalization, Nanotechnology
Linda Chio et al.
University of California
Advanced Functional Materials

1064 nm Raman microscopy using a multifocal excitation pattern

Raman Microscopy, Photosensitive Specimens, 1064 nm Raman Scattering, InGaAs Detectors, Deep Near-Infrared
Haojie Ji et al.
University of California

Excitonic Phase Transitions in MoSe2/WSe2 Heterobilayers

Heterobilayers, Transition Metal Dichalcogenides, 2D Materials, Mott Transition, Photoluminescence Imaging
Jue Wang et al.
Columbia University, Nanjing University

Low-Temperature Electroluminescence Excitation Mapping of Excitons and Trions in Short-Channel Monochiral Carbon Nanotube Devices

Excitons, Electroluminescence, Nanotubes, Photoluminescence, Carbon Nanotubes
Marco Gualke et al.
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, University of Sidney
ACS Nano

Fano‐Enhanced Circular Dichroism in Deformable Stereo Metasurfaces

2D Metasurfaces, Fano-Enhanced Circular Dichroism
Zhinguang Liu et al.
Beijing Institute of Technology, Jinan University
Advanced Materials

Layered Antiferromagnetism Induces Large Negative Magnetoresistance in teh van der Waals Semiconductor CrSBR

van der Waals Materials, Antiferromagnetic Semiconductor, Negative Magnetoresistance, SQUID Magnetometry, Magnetotransport, Photoluminescence Spectroscopy
Evan J. Telford et al.
Columbia University, University of Washington, University of Chicago

A silicon photonic add-drop filter for quantum emitters

Silicon Integrated Photonics, Single Photon Sources, PL spectroscopy
Shahriar Aghaeimeibodi et al.
University of Maryland, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology

Optical Generation of high carrier densitites in 2D semiconductor heterobilayers

2D Materials, Electronic Phases, Electronic Properties, Electrostatic Gating, Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Heterobilayers
Jue Wang et al.
Columbia University, University of Bremen, University of Washington, University of Michigan
Science Advances

Persistent energy transfer in ZGO:Cr3+,Yb3+: a new strategy to design nano glass-ceramics featuring deep red and near infrared persistent luminescence

Luminescence, In-Vivo Imaging, Nano Glass-Ceramics, Near Infrared, NIR
Victor Castaing et al.
PSL Research University, Kyoto University, CNRS, Guilin University of Technology
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

One-Dimensional Moiré Excitons in Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Heterobilayers

Photoluminescence Spectroscopy, Interfacial Moiré Patterns, Quantum Phenomena, van der Waals Heterostructures
Yusong Bai et al.
Columbia University, Nanjing University, University of Washington, University of Hong Kong

Nanotubes Effectively Deliver siRNA to Intact Plant Cells and Protect siRNA Against Nuclease Degradation

Plant Biotechnology, RNA Interference, siRNA Delivery, Gene Silencing, Nanotechnology
Gozde Demirer et al.
University of California

Imaging striatal dopamine release using a nongenetically encoded near infrared fluorescent catecholamine nanosensor

Neuromodulation, Brain Function, Life Sciences, Synthetic Catecholamine Nanosensor, Fluorescent Emission, Near Infrared, NIR Emissions
Abraham G. Beyene et al.
University of California
Science Advances

Corona Exchange Dynamics on Carbon Nanotubes by Multiplexed Fluorescence Monitoring

Desorption, Peptides, Proteins, Adsorption, Fluorescence, Carbon Nanotubes
Rebecca L. Pinals et al.
University of California at Berkeley
Journal of the American Chemical Society

Atomically Thin Metal Sulfides

Atomically Thin Metal Sulfides, ATMS, Colloidal Synthesis, Single-Layer Synthesis, Optical Properties
Lenore Kubie et al.
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Journal of the American Chemical Society