Enhancing Accurate Data Acquisition


  • Deep-cooled, low noise performance
  • Multi-megapixel scale with large pixels
  • Exclusively developed and owned by Teledyne Imaging

Back-illuminated LACera technology combines key elements of CCD and CMOS performance to create a new era of imaging capability

eXcelon image


  • Improves sensitivity of CCD and EMCCD detectors
  • Removes problematic etaloning
  • Improves quantum efficiency in the UV and NIR range

Patented CCD and EMCCD sensor technology providing the broadest sensitivity in the market alongside reduced fringing

ArcTec photo


  • Thermoelectric cooler for deep-cooling
  • Efficient heat exchange
  • Lifetime ultrahigh-vacuum guarantee

ArcTec technology provides deep-cooling to reduce dark noise on highly sensitive CCD and InGaAs cameras.



  • Fully automated wavelength calibration
  • Fully automated intensity calibration
  • Compatible with LightField software

Fully automated, spectral calibration system, with up to 10x greater wavelength accuracy and instrument independent results

resXtreme graph


  • Up to 60% improvement of spectral resolution and spectral lines
  • Improvement of overall signal-to-noise

ResXtreme is a deconvolution technology, used with LightField software, to improve spectral resolution and signal-to-noise