WebinarTeledyne Princeton Instruments

Efficient Spectroscopy for Material Science and
Quantum Materials

February 25, 2021 | 10am EST | 3pm GMT

Measure Raman, photoluminescence or emission spectra of any material from UV to SWIR at
high resolution without filters


3 unique capabilities of multistage spectrographs

How to measure signals close to the laser line and achieve high resolution from UV to SWIR

How to measure fine structure of quantum materials


Applications of multistage spectrographs from material science and engineering to biophysics

Flexibility of multistage spectrographs to adapt to any spectral measurement scenario

What we learn about quantum materials from efficient high-resolution spectroscopy


Webinar Host
Sebastian Remi, PhD
Field Application Specialist

Dr. Jörg Debus
Group Leader
TU Dortmund

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