Acton LS 785High-Throughput NIR Spectrometers

Acton LS photo

The Acton LS 785 is a high-throughput, lens-based spectrograph ideal for NIR spectroscopy. With a fast f/2 optical system with proprietary AR-coated lenses it is optimal for NIR transmission.

  • Fast f/2 optics over the 750 – 1100 nm wavelength range
  • High-transmission, AR-coated elements
  • Micrometer-controlled grating rotation and focus adjustment
  • Compatible with fiber probes for Raman spectroscopy

Key Features

NIR Raman Spectroscopy

The LS-785 gives users a significant advantage in both acquisition time and spatial integrity for Raman spectroscopy applications. When combined with the PIXIS or PyLoN deep-depletion CCD detectors, the LS-785 delivers the highest possible throughput and performance.

NIR Optimized Parameters

The Acton LS-785 has an f/2 reflective optic with a working range between 750 – 1100 nm, ideal for NIR spectroscopy.

Lightfield Graph

Powered by LightField Software

Powerful and intuitive software with built-in math engine allows for the complete control of cameras and spectrographs, with real-time image analysis and spectral data.

LightField software provides seamless integration of hardware controls and direct data acquisition into programmes such as National Instruments’ LabVIEW® and MathWorks’ MATLAB®. This software also fully supports IntelliCal automated wavelength and intensity calibration.

Family Specifications

Focal length 85 mm
Aperture ratio f/2.0
Resolution 5cm-1 with 25 μm fiber
Dispersion 6.13 nm/mm at 900 nm
Grating Gold coated 1200 g/mm

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