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In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging in the NIR-I Spectral Region for Early Cancer Detection

UV, VIS, and NIR-I detection methods have been used in various scientific and medical applications for decades. Each of these approaches, however, has its limitations. For instance, light at UV and visible wavelengths is quite easily detectable using silicon-based CCD technologies but is unable to penetrate samples due to reflection and scattering.

New CCD cameras can detect NIR-I wavelengths from 750 nm up to almost 1100 nm and thus provide…Read Full Article

Ultra-Multiplex CARS Spectroscopic Imaging of Living Cells

Popular molecular imaging techniques are only able to reveal the distribution or behavior of specific molecules within the human body that have been labeled with pigments or fluorescent proteins. Raman spectroscopy, however, allows researchers to identify the components of…Read Full Article

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