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Products: IntelliCal Spectral Calibration System

image of IntelliCal Spectral Calibration System

Spectral Calibration Made Easy

Precise wavelength and intensity calibration plays an important role in spectroscopy applications.

Princeton Instruments patented IntelliCal® is the industry’s only easy-to-use wavelength and intensity calibration system. What used to take hours or even days can now be completed in a matter of minutes with dramatically improved accuracy. IntelliCal includes dual Hg/Ne atomic emission and LED-based, NIST traceable intensity calibration light sources.

Intellical's benefits include:

  • Up to 10X greater wavelength accuracy than conventional calibration methods.
  • Removal of unwanted system responses from the spectral data.
  • Fast and easy calibration using LightField software.
  • Compatible with all Princeton Instruments spectrometers and cameras.
  • Download the Wavelength Calibration Charts


NOTE A lamp in this product contains mercury. Dispose or recyle according to local,
state, or federal laws. 


Watch the video to learn more about the power of IntelliCal spectral calibration system! 


Wavelength Calibration
  • Up to 10X greater accuracy than conventional calibration methods
  • Uses entire spectra for calibration. Not just a few peaks.
Benefits of Intensity Calibration
  • Removes instrument responses and leaves only the sample response
  • Calibrated against a known intensity NIST lamp
  • Easy, fast, and reliable – with a push of a button

Five spectra collected from the same light source with 2 different spectrographs, 2 different CCDs and a total of 5 different diffraction gratings.

After intensity calibration, all five spectra now match. Unwanted instrument responses have been removed from the data.

Eliminate Etaloning:
  • The purple trace shows an example of a spectrum with etaloning; the uneven pattern overriding the spectral trace.
  • IntelliCal’s intensity calibration has completely eliminated the etaloning while also correcting the intensity profile.


S. Alsid, D. Braje et al.
G. Bale, I. Tachtsidis et. al.
A new broadband near-infrared spectroscopy system for in-vivo measurements of cerebral cytochrome-c-oxidase changes in neonatal brain injury
Investigation of Near IR spectroscopy for monitoring brain injuries in newborns/infants. Using high throughput and multiplexing capabilities of a LS785/PIXIS systm.

Application Notes

Advanced CCD Cameras and Imaging Spectrographs Facilitate Acquisition of Novel Femtosecond Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy Data To Improve SERS Biosensors
Accurate characterization of surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) biosensors, fluorescent dye molecules that hold great promise for in vivo bioanalyte detection, can often be quite difficult as the overwhelming isoenergetic fluorescence signal typically makes it challenging to measure resonance Raman cross-sections for the molecules. To overcome this obstacle, researchers at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis recently utilized etalonbased femtosecond stimulated Raman spectroscopy (FSRS), a technique designed to acquire a stimulated Raman signal without strong fluorescence or interference from signals resulting from other four-wave mixing pathway

Intellical FAQ
Brief answers to frequently asked questions about Intellical

Tech Notes

IntelliCal-Automated wavelength and intensity calibration routines significantly improve accuracy of recorded spectra
Automated wavelength and intensity calibration routines significantly improve accuracy of recorded spectra.

Fully automated wavelength calibration method optimizes data accuracy
Patent-pending IntelliCal® calibration technology from Princeton Instruments enables fast, reliable wavelength calibration with minimal user input.

Tips & Tricks

LightField Tips and Tricks
These tips and tricks focus on LightField features to enhance the user experience when operating Princeton Instruments spectroscopy systems.



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