NIRvana® FamilySWIR for Science

NIRvana® HS

  • 900 – 1700nm SWIR / NIR-II
  • Low Dark Current (<500e-)
  • Image Quality Optimised
  • 250fps at full 640×512 resolution

The NIRvana® HS InGaAs focal plane array (FPA) SWIR camera is your versatile scientific imaging solution, delivering both high speed imaging and 60+ second exposure times.

NIRvana 640 photo

NIRvana® 640

  • 900 – 1700nm SWIR / NIR-II
  • Ultra-low dark current (<40e)
  • Deep cooling without liquid nitrogen
  • Optimised for long exposures

The NIRvana® 640 has the sensitivity to match your challenging samples. With 85% QE and  low noise over 10+ minute exposure times, the NIRvana 640 SWIR camera will let you see the unseen.

NIRvana LN photo

NIRvana® LN

  • 850 – 1550nm SWIR / NIR-II
  • Most Sensitive SWIR Camera
  • 15e- Read Noise
  • 10e- Dark Current

The cryogenically cooled NIRvana® LN is unbeatable on sensitivity. For the faintest samples and the longest exposures, the NIRvana LN can deliver exposure times of 60+ minutes.