PIXISTechnical Notes

Optimizing Detection in Whole Animal In Vivo Imaging

Animals studies contribute significantly to our understanding of human disease, and function as an established and essential step in the development of treatments and other therapeutic agents. These studies are conducted in the preclinical phase, preceding drug screening in human clinical trials. The aim of these studies is to determine efficacy, safety, dosing, and toxicity, as well as risk-benefit trades. There are many established, standardized methods implementing animal studies in life science…Read Full Article

A Primer on eXcelon CCD technology

Since their invention in 1969, charge-coupled devices (CCDs) have been used to detect the faint light from items as nearby as cells under a microscope to those as far away as stellar objects at the edge of the known universe. Over the past four decades, low-light CCD cameras have facilitated some of the biggest breakthroughs in both…Read Full Article

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