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"The new emICCD PI-MAX4:512EM has advanced our Time-Resolved SRS spectroscopy technique into a next level." Jun Kojima - Principal Scientist, Ohio Aerospace Institute

Princeton Instruments provides state-of-the-art CCD, ICCD, EMCCD, emICCD, X-Ray and InGaAs cameras; that are key to the success of your application.

We are constantly striving to improve the performance and usability of our camera lines and we are pleased to offer ground-breaking products that include PIXIS CCDs, ProEM EMCCDs, PI-MAX4 ICCDs and emICCDs as well as NIRvana InGaAs cameras.

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New BLAZE Spectroscopy Cameras

High-sensitivity, ultra-fast, deep-cooled CCDs for spectroscopy

KURO sCMOS Cameras

KURO, the world’s first scientific CMOS camera system to implement back-illuminated sensor technology.

SOPHIA Ultra-Low Noise CCD Cameras

Sophia ultra-low noise cameras for the most demanding low-light applications from astronomy to x-ray.


The reference standard of ICCD cameras. Single photon sensitivity and ultra-fast, <500psec gating

ProEM EMCCD Cameras

EMCCD cameras for ultra-low light, read noise-limited applications.

NIRvana SWIR InGaAs Cameras

Scientific grade, cooled InGaAs focal plane array cameras for demanding SWIR imaging and spectroscopy

PyLoN Cameras for Imaging & Spectroscopy

PyLoN high-resolution front-illuminated, back-illuminated, & back-illuminated deep-depletion imaging & spectroscopy CCDs.

PyLoN-IR Linear InGaAs Cameras

This InGaAs detector offers 16-bit digitization and leads the industry with the fastest spectral rate and lowest system read noise.

PIXIS CCD Cameras for Imaging & Spectroscopy

PIXIS CCD cameras play a key role in revolutionary research performed in leading labs around the world.

eXcelon CCD and EMCCD Technology

Patented CCD and EMCCD sensor technology provides the best fringe suppression and broadest sensitivity in the market

Princeton Instruments products