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"The new emICCD PI-MAX4:512EM has advanced our Time-Resolved SRS spectroscopy technique into a next level." Jun Kojima - Principal Scientist, Ohio Aerospace Institute

high-resolution spectra
with near-diffraction-limited image quality."
Rashid Zia - Brown University

Princeton Instruments manufactures a variety of monochromators and spectrographs for your research application. Our offering includes the industry-standard SpectraPro Series as well as the award-winning IsoPlane series combining extraordinary imaging with outstanding spectral performance. Additionally we offer double and triple spectrometers as well as a dedicated 785 nm model, the LS-785. 

Contact your local sales engineer to determine with model best fits your application and budget. Find your sales contact here.

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IsoPlane Imaging Spectrographs

Award-winning imaging spectrographs with superior performance over Czerny-Turner traditional designs, available with 203 mm and 320 mm focal length designs.

FERGIE Spectrograph System

FERGIE is an integrated, aberration-free spectrograph with a built-in, low-noise, cooled detector.

SpectraPro HRS Spectrographs and Monochromators

High resolution monochromators and spectrographs with multi-port flexibility.

SpectraPro 2150 Spectrometers

High value, dependable industry standard series of spectrographs and monochromators for a variety of applications.

LS Series Lens Spectrographs

A high throughput, f/2 lens-based imaging spectrograph ideal for spectroscopists working in the near-IR region.

TriVista Triple Spectrometers

TriVista spectrometers deliver performance and flexibility unmatched in the industry; a true research grade instrument.

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