LACera™ TechnologyTechnical Notes

Achieving a True Global Shutter with Large Format, Back-Illuminated CMOS

CMOS sensor technology has steadily improved over the last decade, and is now the standard for many applications such as security, machine vision, and handheld imaging systems. Compared to long established sensor technologies such as CCD and EMCCD, CMOS delivers the optimal combination of…Read Full Article

New Era in Dynamic Range and Linearity for Scientific CMOS Cameras

Scientific CMOS technology offers improvements over previous sensor technologies such as CCD and EMCCD in key performance areas such as speed, noise performance, energy use and sensor size. This has led to the rapid spread of CMOS technology through a broad range of imaging applications…Read Full Article

Cooling in Large-Area CMOS

In Scientific Imaging, we are met with unique challenges. Signals from our imaging subject can often be very weak. With the move to CMOS technology, Quantum Efficiency, Read Noise and Dynamic Range are all optimized to work with weak signals. Once these factors are optimal, the only variable available to us to increase our collection of signal from the subject is to expose our image to light (integrate) for longer…Read Full Article