ProEMResearch Stories

New Technique For Label-Free, Plasmonic Nano-Imaging

The Nano-bio Photonics lab at the University of Houston have developed a new imaging technique based on localized surface plasmon imaging called PANORAMA. The technique can detect particles that are less than 25 nm in diameter, with high spatial and vertical resolution, alongside being used for fast imaging of nanoparticles…Find out more

Wei-Chuan Shih

Experiment Measures All Molecular Species in a Combustion Flame Simultaneously

Researchers from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) recently developed an experimental setup which utilized a high intensity pulse-burst laser system and highly sensitive EMCCD cameras to measure Raman scattering of all molecular species in a hydrogen-air flame simultaneously…Find out more

Gaetano Magnotti
Optics Letters

Making Effective Light Absorbers From 2D Materials

By using photoluminescence spectroscopy, absorption spectroscopy and transient pump-probe absorption spectroscopy, researchers from China were able to characterize 2D van-der-Waals heterostructures from transition metal dichalcogenides. They were able to investigate the charge transfer within the fabricated structure, making these materials suitable for highly efficient devices…Find out more

Haiming Zhu
The Journal of Chemical Physics

Tomographic Measurements of Plasmas Using a Huge Number of Spectral Channels

A team of researchers from France and Germany used a large format ProEM EMCCD alongside an IsoPlane spectrograph to understand, and therefore control, the behaviour of plasmas – a state of matter compromised of ions and free electrons…Find out more

Yann Camenen
Scientific Reports

Exploring the Physics of 2D Magnets with Sensitive Imaging

Researchers at Cornell University used a ProEM-512 EMCCD camera to image the light scattered from a 2D, ferromagnetic material. This allowed them to fundamentally understand the physics of magnetic fluctuations in this material…Find out more

Jie Shan

Metallic Nanoparticles with Plasmon Resonance for Therapeautics

A collaborative team from Rice University and Cambridge University are investigating localized surface plasmon resonance in magnesium nanoplatelets. These plasmon resonance effects have potential applications in cancer therapy, biosensing, and enhanced spectroscopy…Find out more

Emilie Ringe
Nano Letters

Suppressing Photobleaching and Blinking in Quantum Dots

Researchers from Shanxi University characterize the behavior of single quantum dots, within a solvent medium, designed to suppress photobleaching and blinking…Find out more

Suotang Jia
Optics Express

Self-Assembled Gold Nanoparticles for Molecule Sensing

Researchers from the University College Dublin are using highly ordered gold nanoparticles for ultralow concentration molecule sensing. They achieve this using surface Raman scattering using an IsoPlane and ProEM…Find out more

James Rice
ACS Omega