IsoPlane 81(previously called FERGIE)
Customer Stories

Radioluminescence, Photoluminescence, Lanthanide Nanoparticles

“It is mind blowing to me that such a powerful piece of equipment is smaller than the size of a sheet of paper.”

Graduate Student Gabi Mandl Concordia University

Utilizing Raman Spectroscopy To Perform Real-Time Quantitative Analysis of Strip Films for Pharmaceutical Applications

“The FERGIE system’s small footprint and easy integration make it a perfect fit for our lab.”

Professor Rajesh N. Davé
New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

Collecting Raman Spectrum from Monolayer Graphene

“FERGIE is a very compact system. The modular design makes it extremely convenient to use with microscopes, either by fiber or direct coupling”

Prof. Dr. Ping-Heng Tan
Institute of Semiconductors
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Studying Graphene Ribbons with Raman Spectroscopy

“I can honestly say FERGIE (IsoPlane 81) is changing the way we do spectroscopy in our lab”

Associate Professor Mark Waterland
Institute of Fundamental Sciences
Massey University
New Zealand

Studying Atmospheric Chemistry with Absorption Spectroscopy

“The ability to set up FERGIE so quickly…no alignment was necessary…allowed me to focus on integrating it within the experiment straight away”

Dr. Daniel Stone, NERC Fellow/ University Academic Fellow
School of Chemistry
University of Leeds

Spectroscopy Techniques for Biosensor Research

“One of the ways we use FERGIE is together with a custom-made confocal microscope to collect single-particle fluorescence and scattering data that is then correlated with electron microscopy data”

Dr. Denis Boudreau
Professor of Analytical Chemistry
Université Laval
Center for Optics, Photonics and Lasers (COPL)

Studying Two-Dimensional (2D) Materials Using Time-Resolved Differential Transmission Spectroscopy

“FERGIE delivers very fast data acquisition”

Assistant Professor Kenan Gundogdu
North Carolina State University

Microspectroscopy Study of Fluorescence from Colloidal Quantum Dots

“We obtained very sharp images with FERGIE (IsoPlane 81), which is not possible with a Czerny-Turner spectrometer. The aberration-free design is very impressive. This feature is extremely helpful to us when we navigate and search for individual QDs before taking spectral data”

Dr. Haiyan Qin, Associate Research Professor
Department of Chemistry
Zhejiang University
P.R. China

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